Why do the British hate us so?

The hysteria coming from the British elites on the subject of Russia, has been hitting a pitch reminiscent of a kinder care age child who did not get the piece of cake that the other children got. Simply put, the bilge coming from the majority of the English press and backed up by the words of their political and social elites make the rhetoric of the Cold War seem absolutely mild. There is no anti-Russian conspiracy theory that the English do not plunge into whole hearted and believe with no necessity of proof.

But why is this happening?

When taken in the light of the fact that outside of the unpleasantness of the Crimean War in the mid 1800s and the Cold War post 1945, for the majority of their relationship, Russia and England were close friends and allies. Some say this relationship goes back to English trading expeditions through Archangel in the reign of Ivan Grozny (the Feared) during the late 1500s, others point to the fact that King Harold's daughter, the last Saxon AND Orthodox princess of England, fled from the Catholic Frankish and Britain invaders and came to Kieven Rus , in 1066, along with her mother and extended family, where she married a Rus prince.

Either way, the hysteria that now categorizes the English is unprecedented and it is in my belief, originates from two facts, one external and one internal.

Externally, the British have leveled out from the loss of their empire and their military and industrial strength into a position of a second rate European power, some where on the order of Spain or Poland. To resist this position and it's appropriate level of relevance, they have relied upon their "special relationship" with the US to become the number one vassal (lapdog) of DC. There is no war or "police" action that the British will not go along with, no matter how detrimental to their own nation. Global positioning requires as much, regardless if the people being asked to do the sacrificing by their elites, understand or care about it.

To this end, the British, both Labour and Tories, but more so Labour, have become the paramount Trotskyte Neocons, out doing all but the most rabid US Neocons. Such now is the constant barking of the English lapdog against Russia. As with all lapdogs, they tend to bark long after their purpose is served and their masters must force them to calm down and behave.

The second part, the internal reason, is much more complex and has much to do with an internal psyche of decay and anger. Like a two-bit bully, who is abused at home and strikes out at others, the favorite target of the British has become Russia.

Quite simply, as the UK sinks into the deepest reaches of an Orwellian Police State, where the government tracks every car on the autobahns, every phone call, all Internet usage and even has council members rummaging through people's dust bins before the rubbish is picked up, and all the while their own industry is pushed off to third world nations and the British themselves are pushed off by a tsunami of third world immigrants bent on making the English like them not themselves like the English, the beleaguered and enslaved subjects of Her Majesty are looking for someone to strike out of sheer anger. Instead of looking inwardly and to God and solving the myriad of their own problems, they have instead chosen the easier route of striking at far off Russians. Of course it is the now long habit of taking the easier route that has brought the English to the point of possible extinction on the English Isles. A sorry state indeed.

My closing advice to the British is simple. First, replace the worn out spine with a new one and stand up for yourselves and your culture. Break your bonds with the Trotskytes and return to a more conservative, Christian society, for which you were once famous for. Rally around the one royal of this generation who seems to have any understanding of honor and duty and who repeatedly placed his life in danger for his nation: Prince Harry, and make a proper King of him. Give him the political power and support to pull the UK from the brink of extinction.

Maybe, just maybe, than you will return to being a nation that can be respected and not one used as a testing grounds by every would-be Western autocrat on how to absolutely control and cower the sheeple .

The choice is simple: will my grandchildren be reading about England in a history book or will I be buying them tickets from Moscow to London? At the moment, with your concentration on your Russophobia rather on your own survival, I am wagering on the history books.

Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov