Italy to lift anti-Russian sanctions after PM’s resign

Italy to lift anti-Russian sanctions after PM’s resign

Italian opposition calls to carry out early election and lift anti-Russian sanctions after referendum on approval of the constitutional reform. According to MPs, Matteo Renzi's statement on conduct of parliamentary elections in 2018 regardless of the referendum's results evidences his reluctance on taking responsibility.

Thus, if Renzi remains to be in the minority and leaves his office, Rome will go the length of rapprochement with Moscow and veto further anti-Russian sanctions. MEP from the Five Star Movement Fabio Massimo Castaldo explained that Renzi's resign will allow to start a serious and constructive dialogue with Russia. 'We should lift absurd sanctions, which are not only useless politically, but also negatively reflect on the economic indices,' he said.

Another Italian opposition party, the Northern League, demands early election after the referendum and change of the county's foreign policy. The Senator Paolo Tosato pointed out that 'Renzi should step down as he has no political will and lobbies interests of some political groups rather than interests of the people'.


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