Coalition of China, Russia and Iran to secure Assad’s victory

Coalition of China, Russia and Iran to secure Assad’s victory

China has joined Russia and Iran - the People's Republic of China will take part in the conflict in Syria along with the President of the country Bashar al-Assad.

Head of the military delegation in Syria Guan Youfei reported that China had always played an active role in political settlement of the conflict. 'China supports the stance that Syria should defend its sovereignty and independence. The Chinese and Syrian military have long-standing relations and we intend to continue to strengthen our cooperation,' he said.

China has provided huge economic support for the Syrian government, and now it will be actively involved in the military sphere.

The Uyghurs are also a major factor. The group of Chinese Uyghurs, named Turkistan Islamic Movement, are actively fighting in Syria. The main aim of radical movement is separation of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, where they reside, from China.

The experts believe that China's joining alliance of Russia and Iran in defence of Bashar al-Assad in fact predetermines victory of the official Damascus.

As Pravda.Ru reported, China decided to send its military advisers to Syria and render assistance to official authorities of the country after meeting of the Syrian Defence Minister Fahd Jassem al-Freij with the Chinese Rear Admiral Guan Youfei.