Sea Breeze drills start in Black Sea

Sea Breeze drills start in Black Sea

The Sea Breeze 2016 military drills have been started in the Black Sea with involvement of the US vessels.

The exercises will take place in the north-west of the Black Sea, in Odessa and Nikolayev regions. The Ukrainian Naval Forces spokesman claimed, this year 'the drills significantly extend location geography and regions to be involved'.

It was also noted by the Deputy Commander that there will be 'more than 25 ships, boats and support vessels from Ukraine, the US, Turkey and Romania; apart from aviation, there will be extended multinational coast tactic group.

As it is reported, marines and special services from Ukraine, the US, Moldova and Georgia are to take part in 'stabilizing acts under operation in the crisis region according to the NATO standards'.

The drills are to be held till 30 July. It is planned to carry out tasks on combat naval and air landing, exercise artillery during antiairborne defence, force water obstacles with involvement of engineer units, cover landing of the army.

Last year up to 2,500 military men took part in the See Breeze drills that lasted from 31 August to 12 September. The US deployed 5 vessels, 2 submarines, 8 aircraft and helicopters.


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