10 to 1: How Russia to destroy NATO

The Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies in London concluded that Russian army's combat readiness supersedes that of the NATO's forces almost 10 times.
According to the research, Russia may deploy up to 47,000 units of military equipment and manpower in four days. The joint army of Germany, the Netherlands, and Norway, which is called to be the NATO's high readiness forces will be able to gather only 5,000 soldiers during this time. Such a report was presented in the Defence committee of the House of Commons by the RUSI's fellow Igor Sutyagin, who was found guilty of treason in Russia.
As the researchers found out, Russia may also maintain combat units up to 12 months. Beside that, the military equipment often supersedes the Western one. Yet another fear of England is possibility to act at a distance. Experts of the Institute believe that Russia plans expansion to the West in order to create a Russian Empire.
However, as the MPs themselves explain, the main aim of Great Britain is to build-up its own military presence in countries of the Eastern Europe on the ground of such concerns. In 2014 the NATO's authorities announced their intention to return to the Eastern Europe on a long-term basis. And in a year President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker offered to create a single European army based on the armies of Germany and France to come out in a united movement against Russia.