Turkey and Greece on brink of war?

The Joint Staff of Greece reported that Turkish Air Force violated country's border 22 times during the day, in two cases there were 'virtual air fights' with the Greek fighters. Is a military conflict brewing inside the NATO?
Azhdar Kurtov, chief editor of the RISS journal "National Strategy Issues":
'Although Greece and Turkey are members of the only military political block the North Atlantic Alliance, there exist a lot of contradictions between the two countries, and these contradictions are quite stubborn ones. One of them is dispute over Cyprus. The Turkish military used to occupy Cyprus and organized an unrecognized, except for Turkey, state there, that is the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. There are also disputes over the extent of territorial waters. It is known that Greece is an island country, and there are places where it is impossible to fully apply international law on the extent of territorial waters. And there exist historical memories as well, as the Turks used to turn the Greeks out the peninsula of Asia Minor, which had been populated by Greece since the ancient times. Thus, such incidents occur from time to time. And they show that Turkey hangs on to possible force impacts on its neighbours, even those it is a member with of a single military political block.'