USA invests in anti-Russian technologies

USA invests in anti-Russian technologies

The United States Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter has called Russia and China to be potential threats to the world order. Thus, according to him, the US invests money and technologies to secure itself from possible aggression. Railgun, a so-called electromagnetic cannon, was named by Carter to be on top of the developments worth of serious investments. It is created for the usage at surface ships, and it is ultimately to cover targets up to 400 kilometres away. Beside that, Carter said about new radar tools, as well as space and cyberspace combat technologies. 

Andrey Frolov, chief editor of the 'Weaponry export' magazine

"They just try to obtain extra money, making use of the Russian bugbear. In the long term, it probably may present a threat to Russia, but, as for now, it seems to be a far distant future. We should bear in mind, that in respect to deployment of strategic carriers, Russia and the US are bound to the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START-III)."


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov