Sex treats hangovers, painful menstruations and common cold

It is generally believed that regular sexual activity is good for people’s body and mind. It is not as hard as jogging or working out in a gym but still very effective. Like any kind of sports sexual activity includes a tough job for muscles, acceleration of breathing and cardiac rate which in its turn results in better metabolism. Sex is also a fine massage for genitals of both partners. When having sex partners exchange hormones of endorphine and oxytocin that are connected with sexual excitement and orgasm particularly.

The above physiological reactions are in some ways connected with people’s state of health, and the fact suggests that sex is not mere pleasure but also much benefit for the organism.

It is incredible but sex may relieve you from the unpleasant symptoms of cold such as shivering, rheumatic pains and also makes for soon recovery.

We know that people having cold are often recommended to sweat heavily under a thick blanket and drinking hot tea with lemon and honey. However, sweating in sex may turn out to be very effective in this case as well.

Swiss doctors conducted a research several years ago to estimate that orgasm mobilizes the immune system of the human body as it increases the number of killer blood cells that detect and destroy foreign microorganisms.

Many women may have rather painful menstruations. Statistics shwos that every tenth woman has to take analgetics to relieve from menstrual pain. Some people say that instead of anesthetic pills prescribed by doctors a woman can try having sex to ease pain during menstruation. The anesthetic effect of sex is connected with relaxation of organism and output of endorphins that are universally known as ‘hormones of happiness’. Indeed, generation of these hormones is closely connected with positive emotions; endorphins may also act as endogenous anesthetic.

Unfortunately orgasm does not produce a universal effect on all people. Some women on the contrary may feel more intense menstrual pain after having orgasm. Menstrual pain arises from a disbalance between sex hormones, progesterone first of all and prostaglandins that stimulate uterine contraction. An excessive amount of prostaglandins causes spasms of smooth uterine muscles and consequently pain. Oxytocins that also upsurge during orgasm produce the same effect upon uterine muscles that prostaglandins do.

In other words, it is difficult to say beforehand what will be the balance between hormones of every particular woman having menstruation and experiencing orgasm. But it is a mistake to believe that sexual activity may help women suffering from serious pains because lingering and excruciating pain may be the symptom of serious gynecological diseases.

Those who think that having sex during menstruation is unhygienic should mind that copulation is not the only way to reach an orgasm.

Have you ever had hangover? There are lots of popular recommendations saying how to recover from hangover but none of them mentions sex.

Hangover usually means headache, thirst, stomach aches and depressive spirits that may also provoke suicides. The low spirits and poor health condition in hangover are connected with temporary disbalance of hormones that generate positive emotions. If a person suffering from hangover chooses to have sex then his or her organism will get the hormones of endorphins and oxytocins. Oxytocins stimulate muscle contraction and bring down people’s aggressiveness to others.

Mind that sex therapy must be obligatorily safe. So use condoms and other contraceptives to get protected from genital infections. One should know that sex is heavy physical and emotional job for the human organism, and it may be harmful for diseased or weak people. People suffering from heart diseases, coronary heart disease in particular, hypertension and the like must be particularly careful when enjoying sex therapy. If a human needs medical aid sex will on no occasion be a good substitution of medical care and medications in this case.

Regular active sex is a regular physical activity that strengthens heart, burns calories and exercises muscles. This must be the most pleasant type of fitness that costs you absolutely nothing.

As sex makes local blood supply better it works as wonderful prophylaxis of gynecological and urological disorders with men and women.

Do not forget that emotions and pleasure in sex are more important than the techniques employed for sexual exercises. Sex without emotions and delight will on the contrary have no positive effect for the organism as it works only through emotions.

Translated by Maria Gousseva

Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov