Lesbian relationships originated in ancient Greece on Lesbos Island

A seemingly strange anomaly of sexual activity originated about three thousand years ago in ancient Greece. It was thought that physical self-stimulation of one’s genitals and lesbian relationships were more ethical, more pleasurable and more esteemed than traditional sexual practices involving men and women. The ethical stance on the issue gave rise to sexual activities between men and lesbian relationships between women.

Legend has it that Zeus visited the island of Lesbos with terrible punishment after a lesbian resisted his advances. Forty years were gone. Finally, Zeus broke the spell he put on the island.

Once they stepped ashore after a long absence, visitors to the island were appalled to see the changes that took shape over the last forty years: there was not a single sexually mature man left on Lesbos; the island was populated by females sexually involved with other females, hence the name of same-sex between women.

Poetess Sappho lived on the island of Lesbos and wrote poetry about this kind of love. Therefore, the activity is otherwise referred to as sapphism. Horace, writing about sexual activity between lesbians, reports that women stimulated clitorises and vulvas of each other by gently rubbing the genitals as they imitated sexual intercourse. They did it in what we would call a missionary position. Those women often experienced a mutual orgasm in the process. Lesbian relationships were quite common in France during 19th century. Maupassant even penned a short story entitled Lesbian Love.

Nowadays lesbianism is quite common in correctional facilities and prisons for women. A lesbian relationship behind bars frequently involves a woman whose sexual behavior usually carries overtones of the “aggressive masculine” stereotype. Such a woman is called koblukha (Russian for “dyke”) in Russian prisons. As a rule, she holds sway over the female inmates who make use of her services, and therefore she gets lots of attention, respect and perks (food, cigarettes etc.)

A rather amazing case of an Italian lesbian was reported by the media some time ago. The woman in question was reported to get married though she maintained a lesbian relationship with her girlfriend, who got pregnant some time later. Apparently, the married woman passed her husband’s semen to her lesbian partner by “rubbing” it into the vagina of the latter.

The following legend may help to shed light on the origins of oral sexual practices among men in ancient Greece. According to the story, some mariners suffered a shipwreck and had to live on a deserted island for twenty years. The majority of the crew had been in their early twenties by the time of the shipwreck. Most of them were unmarried.

The men had to find other ways of satisfying their sex drive under the circumstances. Thereby hangs a tale of the first masturbators and fellators or those who perform oral stimulation of the penis to orgasm. Having finally come back to Greece, the mariners were unable to comprehend the meaning of sexual relations between men and women. They are said to have continued there same-sex love games thereafter.

In other words, there was nothing shameful or unnatural about oral sexual practices or lesbian relationships, according to those men of ancient Greece. On the contrary, the above ways of satisfying one’s sexual cravings seemed to be quite appealing at a time when sexual intimacy between a man and a woman was regarded as something sinful and filthy.

In accordance with the special law, a heterosexual relationship was allowed at a maximum of 5-6 times a year, mostly for procreation purposes. At the same time, self-stimulation or same-sex love between men or women was seen as a “gift from god”, part of the cult of Eros.

Translated by Guerman Grachev.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov