Author`s name Alex Naumov

Irresponsible pathologists bury wrong people under wrong names

A family from the Russian town of Kursk was not able to bury their relative because pathologists had given away the corpse to some other people.

It was Natalia’s husband who told the relatives about the death of his wife. It happened on May 13. An ambulance took the corpse to the morgue.

The following day the relatives phoned the morgue and asked pathologists to show them Natalia’s body. The pathologists refused without giving any explanations. The relatives were told to come in two days.

On May 15 the relatives bought a coffin and made all necessary funeral preparations. However, when they came to the morgue the found themselves in quite an unusual situation.

A man came out of the morgue and asked them whether Natalia was thin or stout. A half an hour later it appeared that morgue workers were going to give the relatives some other corpse because Natalia’s body had already been given to other people.

After various accusations and explanations the relatives were told to go home. The pathologists promised to bring them the corpse in the evening. However they broke their promise. The morgue’s director refused to speak to the relatives, other employees said that they did not know anything on the matter.

The relatives had to turn to the prosecutor’s office . The investigators found that Natalia had already been buried under a wrong name. To avoid exhumation the relatives were offered to change the name on the tombstone. However they refused and reburied Natalia’s body.

Translated by Alexander Timoshik

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