Russian billionaires have a penchant for rare presents

Russian businessmen no longer judge the value of a present by its cost

There is a new amazing trend taking shape in the world of Russian oligarchs. The oligarchs are learning to give unusual presents to one another. Watches, paintings and antiques are still very popular when it comes to extending courtesies to politicians and high-level bureaucrats. In the meantime, the superrich choose something really unusual, a limited edition, vintage etc., to give to their likes. Size really matters, and it often gets bigger than life. In fact, a taste for grandeur is yet another trend. caviar

Utro has asked Wanda Vertinskaya, a creative director of Public Media, to comment on the situation. Her company deals in the most unusual presents for the Russian business elite.

“We are proud of our businessmen. They no longer judge the value of a present by its cost. These days you just can not give another golden watch or a fountain pen to your close friend. It could be interpreted as a sign of contempt and may even hurt the recipient. Today they normally choose presents in advance taking into consideration personal preferences of those who they are going to surprise. Strange bulky things like a photo booth or a hover scooter are in great demand.”

Personal photo booth

Nothing compares to a personal photo booth. It can do anything you want it to do e.g. classic or digital monochrome and color pictures and slides. It can also create a fine romantic atmosphere in the house. Guests will be definitely impressed when they see a real prop from some love-story movie.

Hover scooter on an air cushion
One of the hottest vehicles of 2005, which The New York Times called “a miniature UFO with a steering wheel.” You can experience a variety of new dazzling sensations riding the machine with a four-stroke internal combustion engine. You should be brave for doing so, though. A unique control system responds to the position of a rider's body. The scooter will move to the left or right once you lean your body to that direction. You can “step on it” by leaning back. A full fuel tank is good enough for one hour of an unforgettable ride. A hard hat is optional since the maximum speed is 15 miles per hour. The vehicles come in four colors: red, blue, green, and yellow. Available by advance orders only.

A suitcase full of champagne and stuff

Black pony leather and red leather were used for manufacturing this unique suitcase. Only 30 suitcases were made so far. The suitcase will easily thrill gourmets. Apart from three folding chairs, three bottles of Krug champagne and glasses, it also holds 90 kinds of delicacies including caviar, truffles, coffee, cigars etc. The suitcase is a must for the oil industry execs and those who simply love having a ball.

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Author`s name Olga Savka