Dolce&Gabbana declare they want to have children in Moscow

Russia is the only country which the designers agreed to visit after a seven-year break

Last Saturday, the two globally-known stars of the world fashion industry, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, the owners of the trademark DOLCE&GABBANA came to Moscow for an official visit. Right upon landing at a Moscow airport, the designers felt disappointed as they could see no snow in Russia. They said they had brought so much warm clothes to Russia especially to enjoy Russian winter here. Unfortunately, the snow that dropped several days before had already melted.Dolce&Gabbana

World's most famous homosexual designers enjoyed their stay in Moscow: they drank a lot of champagne, grabbed Russian girls' backsides and made a sensational statement to Russian journalists. Being tipsy, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana confessed that each of them “wanted to have a child.” But they did not tell how they would like to make the dream come true. They spent the weekend very happily as the Moscow elite celebrated Halloween those days.

The designers lived in separate rooms of the Ararat Park Hayat Hotel in Moscow. They came to Moscow accompanied by crowds of administrators, managers, interpreters and other assistants.

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Having just a short rest upon arriving to Moscow, Dolce and Gabbana went to see Moscow's Red Square, then had a breakfast in Vogue Cafй together with the Russian organizers of the visit and afterwards left for Barvikha in the Moscow suburb where a new DOLCE&GABBANA boutique has been recently opened on the territory of Luxury Village. The designers wanted to inspect the boutique and conduct a press-conference.

But the meeting with journalists turned out to be really boring. They talked a lot about style and did not touch upon the designers' intention to have children.

Russia is the only country which the designers agreed to visit after a seven-year pause. This year, the Italian designers celebrated the 20th anniversary of their creative activity together in Milan. The official representative of DOLCE&GABBANA in Russia was incredibly surprised when GQ Editor-in-Chief Nikolay Uskov managed to arrange a visit of the designers to Russia.

Several days before the visit, visual controller Barry working for the designers came to Moscow to inspect the places where receptions must take place during the visit. He knows perfectly well all likes and dislikes of the two fashion icons. Barry told the Moskovsky Komsomolets that every detail mattered for Domenico and Stefano. That is why the interiors of places where the fashion stars were to stay were slightly altered to let them feel comfortable there.

The welcoming ceremony of the designers was fixed for 11 p.m. at the Moscow club Billionaire, guests were allowed only if they had been presented special invitations. The designers came to the place one hour late; they had a glass of expensive champagne and posed for photographers with anyone who wanted to have a picture taken with the famous designers. Then they danced in the club together with all mere mortals who were allowed to Billionaire. Those were mostly well-known figures of the Moscow glamorous elite.

At the height of the party journalists had a chance to talk to the designers. They asked D&G if it was actually true that the two wanted to have children. The designers said they wanted to have children but still hesitated as having children is very great responsibility. “Do you have any women who would like to be mothers of your children?” a journalist asked. But the designers said it was a too intimate issue and parried the question.

The designers plan to stay in Moscow till Wednesday. But the organizers of the visit confessed that Dominico and Stefano could suddenly change their plans any moment. The visit of the Italian fashion idols is a sensation not only for those who take keen interest in fashion but also for other designers. It is not ruled out that other world-known designers may follow their example and visit Moscow as well.

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Author`s name Olga Savka