Doctors kill Russian beauty queen during liposuction operation

They forgot to test the girl's tolerance to anesthesia

The trial on doctors, who killed a Russian beauty queen Ekaterina Sumina is over in the city of Samara. However, the outcome of the process did not satisfy Ekaterina's relatives. Two doctors of the private Laser Center clinic, who performed a bad quality liposuction operation on the girl, were sentenced to six months on probation and banned from conducting medical activities for 1.5 and 2 years.

Ekaterina Sumina wanted to have liposuction last summer. She paid the doctors for the operation, but they did not conduct any surgical anesthesia tolerance tests for the girl. As a result, the beauty queen's heart stopped beating on the operation table, but the doctors did not stop the operation anyway.

When the girl's heart was not beating for five minutes, she was connected to breathing apparatus to ventilate the respiratory system. When Ekaterina's breathing resumed, the doctors disconnected the apparatus and completed the liposuction operation. The doctors say that they performed the operation properly, albeit they admit that they did not test Ekaterina's tolerance of anesthesia.

The operation was probably correct, but the patient was sent into coma, because her brain had suffered from the lack of oxygen.  Ekaterina's relatives found best doctors in Europe, who concluded that Ekaterina was not breathing for 20 minutes. However, the doctors from the above-mentioned Laser Center clinic assured that she would recover very soon, although, they added, she would probably suffer from a short-term memory loss.

The lack of the oxygen supply during the liposuction operation caused a very serious damage to the girl's brain. Most likely, the beauty queen will not recover from such a serious injury. The family spends about $100 on medical care daily – Ekaterina's civil husband and all of her family are up to their ears in debt now.

It is obvious that the court's sentence brought down against the two doctors from Samara is ridiculous in comparison with what they have done. If Ekaterina hadn't taken the second place in the beauty contest, the doctors would have probably avoided responsibility. It is hard to imagine, how many people fall victims of medical errors on daily basis.

Alina Kalinina

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Author`s name Olga Savka