Modern Preferences of Modern Women

A lot of women dream to lead careless lives for their husbands' money 

There are about 70 million women in Russia. The number of financially secure men in the country makes up only four percent. In other words, there are only 4.5 million of Russian males who can "sponsor" their potential lifetime partners. The most common dream of a Russian lady is to marry a rich man who would satisfy all her wants and needs.

I have a friend in the city of Rostov, a young man Vadim. He is a businessman. His wallet is thicker than the Soviet encyclopedia. His mindset and logic are based on power, persistence and strong determination to pursue and achieve goals. He asked me a very good question one day: "Why do I see only light-minded women around me all the time? Even if a girl is decent, she always talks about gifts. If we develop a serious relationship, she wants a car, and apartment, etc. This is called prostitution, but the prices are so much higher than in a brothel. Do you know why it happens so?"

I think I know the answer to this question. I have been watching the legalization of prostitution in the Russian society for years. As a result of my research, I have come to several conclusions that can be confirmed with statistics.

According to the latest information from the Russian Opinion Poll Research Center, 83.5 percent of Russian women between 17-50 years of age think that a successful marriage is their prime goal. Here is the list of the things that such women would like to have attached to the wedding ring: an apartment, a car, about $500 of monthly household costs, and absolutely no job. Modern ladies prefer to be housewives, they do not have a wish to work at all. About 67 percent of female respondents said that they would like to hire babysitters, maids and private tutors to raise their children. The majority of women said, the assistant of a maid would be necessary for them. Ladies would like to spend their "free time" very usefully: to attend fitness centers, solaria, swimming pools.

I have never been a woman-hater, but even the superficial analysis of this information makes me come to the following conclusion: women do not want to recognize female obligations; they can only acknowledge that they "love their husbands" - sexual favors, as a rule.

An average Russian businessman works 12 hours a day. Needless to mention that such men have absolutely no time to lead their private lives. The perfect life, as woman sees it, is to enjoy life with her husband's money. Furthermore, a lot of female respondents said that they would easily have a love affair with someone else if they could not see their husband as much as they would like too. A statement like that does not look surprising against such a background, though. A successful man may easily become a "sponsor" for his wife's lover.

About 500 women have had a very similar reaction to the "accusation" of such a position in life. As it turns out, women have a right to absorb money from successful men because they believe that businessmen do not earn money - they take it away from the state, from friends, business partners, etc. Women think that it is "no one's" money. That is why, there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Vadim, my friend who I mentioned above, has managed to arrange the profitable business in our region. One shall assume, such a man cannot be an idiot. He is supposed to stay away from "money vampires," but Vadim does not know how to do it. However, the Russian law recognizes legitimate marriage contracts. Russian men start testing them gradually.

According to the contract, the two spouses conclude an official agreement which clearly specifies their rights in future family life. The document also stipulates all conditions in case of divorce. I personally asked 50 women in the streets of Rostov: 37 ladies said that marriage contracts were rubbish. I also asked this question to 50 men: 39 males said that it made absolutely perfect sense to them.

"Marriage contracts are rubbish," pretty girl named Elena told me as an answer to my question. "My husband is maintaining me now and he will be in the future. I gave birth to his son. If he dares to say he is not happy about something, he will never see his son again."

This is the ultimate blackmail. No wish to get married at all. I asked one question to two single students of the Rostov State University, Svetlana and Oksana: "If a girl is constantly maintained by her man, is it shameful or not?" The opinions differed.

Oskana: "It has always been like that: a man maintains a woman. A woman can work for her own pleasure only, and her husband is supposed to earn money."

Svetlana: "Unlike my friend, I think that a woman is supposed to maintain herself. Even if a woman is married to Bill Gates, she must work and count for her own money only. It is normal. Everything else is called prostitution."

My favorite Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman received $500 million as a result of her divorce with actor Tom Cruise. "You go girl," Russian women would think. So what? One should not be jealous of Miss Kidman - she split up with the man she loved. No one has ever managed to earn all money in the world and then take it to another world.

Vladimir Abagov

Author`s name Olga Savka