Author`s name Olga Savka

Madonna’s New Video Depicts Crying Iraqi Women

Pop star stated that she is pro-peace

Pop queen Madonna is about to release a new single from her new studio album, both entitled American Life. The video to the song has not been released yet, although it has already become rather controversial.

The video was directed by Jonas Akerlund, who directed two other videos for the singer – Ray of Light and Music. The new video will depict images of gunmen, crying Iraqi women, limbless people and blood-spotted babies. Madonna’s new video is expected to be as provocative as George Michael’s  latest video to the song Shoot The Dog,  in which British Prime Minister Tony Blair was depicted as George W. Bush's dog. 

Madonna has already released a statement, in which she said that her new video is not supposed to be perceived as criticism of her own country or president. Pop star stated that it was her personal message, in which she expressed her anti-war position. “I feel lucky to be an American citizen for many reasons - one of which is the right to express myself freely, especially in my work. I understand that there have been reports about my upcoming video American Life in the media - much of which is inaccurate. I am not anti-Bush. I am not pro-Iraq. I am pro Peace. I have written a song and created a video which expresses my feelings about our culture and values and the illusions of what many people believe is the American dream - the perfect life,” said Madonna in a statement. The singer hopes that her new video and the song would provoke thought and dialogue. It is worth mentioning in this respect that the video to American Life condemns Madonna’s previous image of a material girl too – the perfect consumer of callous wealth.

On the photo: The cover of the upcoming Madonna album American Life


Translated by Dmitry Sudakov