Western Sahara: Focus on Freedom for Saharawi people

Friday 9th, Monday 12nd and Tuesday 13rd of October, The European Delegation attend to the Fourth Committee of the United Nation in New York

Just like every year in October, the UN holds its Fourth Committee session, the special committee that amongst other matters, deals with decolonization. This is an important opportunity for civil society to express their solidarity.

Saharawi situation at UNO

A lot of people answered positively to the call from the European Coordination of Support and Solidarity to Sahrawi people and joined the European Delegation[i]. The balance between each member' specialization in the delegation provides the best combination to bring together Europe's strengths and support Sahrawi people in the defense of their fundamental rights. 

During 3 days of work, the petitioners presents important aspect of this fight: the issue of the illegal exploitation of natural resources, the strategic role of each country to recognize SADR, the role of women in occupy territory and their importance in no violence resistance, the issue of Sahrawi in Europe, as worker but also as refugee and asylum seeker, International law violation and finally the Saharawi Political Prisoners in Moroccan Prisons.

Diaspora present

Among people who joined the delegation, there were Sahrawi people from the diaspora in Europe as members from the Sahrawi diaspora in Belgium and from our organization Adala UK. Also, a lot of European citizen came to increase the potential and legitimacy of the Saharawi people claim for self-determination. Raf Custer, searcher for Gresea in Belgium, focused his petition on the phosphates plunder by Morocco in the Western Sahara and to the question "Who has given Morocco the right to mine at BouCraa", his answer is: "This is a snake-biting-its-own-tale situation. Morocco has given the right to mine at Boucraa to itself." Jan Strömdahl, from the Swedish Western Sahara Committee, who insisted on the importance on recognition of the RASD, witch Sweden is considering now and facing Morocco diplomatic and economic attracts in return. According to this longtime activist and former parliamentary "Sweden is more interested in peace and justice than in war and dirhams. This is the reason why Sweden will stop the brutal military occupation of Western Sahara and recognize the SADR". Among others, Javier Couso, the Izquierda Unida MEP, also joined the delegation and insists on the International Law violation by Morocco.

Besides their work as petitioners, the delegation also had a parallel agenda, meeting with the Human Rights Officer from the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and with lawyers in order to build a common strong strategy.

Jan Strömdahl closed his declaration with a strong call "Morocco has the money but Western Sahara has the Right".

London 14-10-2015

Adala UK


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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey