Electric shock turns Russian boy into Marvel's Magneto


In the Omsk region of Russia, a teen boy developed "superpowers" after he suffered electric shock. The boy, Nikolai Kryaglyachenko, discovered that he could attract metal items. He currently considers an idea of becoming a superhero.

"Even when I do not want to do it, I still attract things. Once I even attracted a glass - it just moved towards me," the boy, a second-grader, told Omsk TV and Radio Company.

Electric shock changed the boy's life. He has now become the most popular boy at school. Classmates often ask him to demonstrate his superpowers. Moreover, Nikolai can "share" his power. According to his peers, he can influence others so that people turn into live magnets as well. 

"I could even hang a ladle on my nose," Nikolai's classmate, Vika Balandina said.

Journalists compared Nikolai to Marvel Comics character Magneto, who had similar abilities. The boy also says that he wants to become a superhero, although his teachers say that Nikolai is a very kind and friendly boy. 

Stories about "living magnets" began to appear at least in the middle of the 19th century. In 2004, the story of Russian factory worker Leonid Tenkaev and his family received an extensive media coverage - the people obtained the ability to attract objects after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

Although the people, who have the ability to attract metal items, are commonly referred to as "magnets," many of them can also hold plastic, glass, wood and paper items on their body. Only some of them develop a "preference" for a particular material. In 1990, as many as 300 "living magnets" gathered for a conference in Sofia, Bulgaria, after young woman Marinela Brankova demonstrated her amazing ability on TV. The woman could hold 7 kilos of metal on a vertical palm.

Researchers of the anomalous say that environment around us is filled with various vibrations - mechanical movements, electromagnetic vibrations, molecular vibrations, etc. We all live in an ocean of electromagnetic waves. Some people may act as magnet coils, accumulating and intensifying energy, making various items stick to their body. Some researchers believe that such anomalous phenomena are more common in the areas where ecological situation is poor. People may mutate under the influence of environment and develop such unusual capabilities. Some may develop stronger mutations and even levitate. Levitation is also a manifestation of mutations. For example, in medieval legends, witches and wizards would be of abnormally low weight, and could even hover above the ground. 


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov