To eat or not to eat, that is the question

The so-called “harmful” products that aren't so harmful 

Not everyone adheres to strict nutritional diets. Oftentimes we eat whatever is there to eat, without thinking about what is harmful and what isn't, especially when it comes to sweets. There comes a time when one begins realizing that enough is enough, and he/she needs to stop consuming junk food.

This article however is dedicated to those women, who prefer eating healthy dietary foods. Oftentimes, they have to say “No” to butter, milk and cheese, thinking that will help. However, one cannot go too far with this. Think of all those wholesome nutrients  you're  disavowing  yourself! Perhaps now is the time to recheck your opinion on this matter? So let's try to rehabilitate some so-called "enemies" of our health!

"Enemy" #1: Cheese. True, many of them contain big amounts of fat. But don't forget that cheese is a rich source  of  calcium and amino acids! Linolic acid present in cheese is particularly  helpful. It helps  the  organism by significantly reducing the risk of cancer,  heart  diseases  and  diabetes. Being yet more wholesome this acid  blocks  fat  accumulation thus helping us to get thinner. Ensure that your menu includes different sorts of cheese: goat's milk cheese, Feta cheese, blue Stilton, Parmesan.

"Enemy"  #2: Chocolate. If someone tells you that chocolate causes acne or  migraine  -  don't  believe him/her! It is not true. On the contrary, chocolate contains  antioxidants  that prevent aging, cancer and heart diseases. Besides, chocolate helps improve one’s mood due to serotonin – light antidepressant.  It is actually healthy to consume dark or bitter chocolate as these sorts tend to be more pure and have less artificial flavorings. Dark chocolate contains  less fatty cocoa butter. One more advice - buy the chocolate of  highest  quality, don't be cheap especially when your own health  is at stake. And one last thing, avoid chocolate bars  with  caramel  or  marshmallow  filling  -  they  have  too much calories.

"Enemy"  #3: Meat. Have you decided to stop eating meat and switched your preferences over to fish and poultry? You shouldn’t have. Beef  is  a  magnificent  source  of  protein and nutrients like zinc, iron and vitamin B12 which are extremely  important for women. Top-quality beef, undercut or fillet with minimal quantity of fat,   is good for everyone. A small steak, and plenty of vegetables is nutritious and healthy! However, stay away from ribs; those tend to be quite fattening.

"Enemy" #4: Milk. On the whole, adults rarely drink milk and those who give it up due to some "idea" are making quite a silly thing! Milk is a very good source of calcium. It is especially good for women. Drinking milk regularly helps prevent osteoporosis, lessens high blood pressure and even helps to fight obesity. Choose non-fat milk. If don't  like "light" milk and prefer milk of normal richness try to get used to "light" milk gradually. Decrease the richness of milk from 3,5 to 0,5%.

"Enemy"  #5:  Coffee.  There  are so many women who are simply addicted to coffee and cannot envision their lived without it. Recent research studies revealed absolutely no connection with the so-called “coffee-related illnesses.”  Caffeine, on the contrary, can lessen allergy  symptoms,  improve  concentration  and can simply cheer one up. Of course, everything is good in moderation. Coffee is no exception! Two - three cups of real boiled coffee a day would be enough. Drink it with some sugar and non-fat cream.

"Enemy"  #6:  Eggs.  Some women tend to reduce or completely stop consuming eggs due to cholesterol. In reality, there is nothing dangerous about cholesterol intake.  In fact, those unsaturated fats (not cholesterol) that are contained in chicken eggs are very important for the heart muscle. Eggs contain few calories  and  lutein  that  is  needed  for the eyes. You can eat boiled eggs without feeling fearful for your health. Omelets made from egg-whites are exceptionally light. Cook  yourself  a  vegetarian  cake  with  custard  and spinach. (Spinach contains lots of lutein, by the way).

"Enemy"  #7:  Nuts.  Yes, nuts are high in calories, that's why you shouldn’t eat plenty of them. However, you should eat a few. They contain various fats and are all wholesome. Nuts have a positive influence on heart. They also contain a lot of magnesium. It helps the  organism to overcome PMS. A small handful (about 170 calories) of nuts  will make your dinner or supper more substantial and nutritious. You could add them to salads, oatmeal, or simply eat them by themselves.

And what about alcohol? Recent investigations showed that one glass of good  red  (white)  wine  a  day is in fact good for the organism. A few glasses  of  wine a week lead to a decreased risk of ischemic disease. Keep in mind however that everything is good in moderation.  

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov