Cognition and evil energies

Russian researcher Babanov intends to determine what sort of impact inanimate objects (i.e. buildings, household items) have on people.
In the beginning of summer “AiF on Don” wrote about unusual research studies of geopathogenic Earth zones. The studies had been conducted by Anatoly Babanov in the course of last ten years. He hypothesizes that one’s frequent visits to such places will affect one's health. Various accidents and natural disasters are more likely to occur in these places (“AiF on Don” №23)…

The above mentioned publication yielded many responses from the readers. That is why we decided to provide additional information regarding some new ideas of the researcher. This time the man intends to determine what sort of impact inanimate objects (i.e. buildings, household items) have on people.

Energy of corners

-My interest has to do with the fact that similar to all living creatures, inanimate objects too have bioenergetic fields, - explains Anatoly Izitovich. –That is why, for instance, it is not good to live in houses located right by open markets, dumps and cemeteries. After consuming all the negative energy of such places for years, these buildings then transfer this negativity onto its inhabitants. Former battlefields do not possess good energy either. Last summer activists of the “Poisk” movement invited me to Rodionovo-Nesvetaiskoe (toughest battles had taken place there during World War II, many people had died, many had been taken captives). Apparently, the horror still prevails in that region,even after so many years. One of Babanov’s devices detected major accumulation of negativity in the region! The device enable them to locate several graves; further excavations revealed human remains. Former concentration camp of Rostov also contains terrible negativity. Nowadays, a military base is located on those grounds.

In Aksaiski’s national park “Mukhina balka” which is situated right by archaeological monuments, Babanov’s device detects purely positive energy. In reality, thinks Babanov, buildings (particularly the architecture) which are erected in normal places are also capable of influencing people one way or another. In the Russian town of Rostov for instance, such influence is the most powerful on the Teatralnaya square. To better understand what is meant here, Anatoly Izitovich measures my bio field (aura). Afterward, he asks me to stand by one of the pillars on the square and repeats the same measurements. Results turn out to be quite astonishing: my aura has increased in half, all of its flaws have ceased to exist. As soon as I step out of that “positive current”, my aura is back to normal.

-Conclusion: such current was exceptionally good for you, - concludes Babanov. – That is how every individual can find his/her unique place to restore health. There also exist some general tendencies that people should be aware of. For instance, it is not good when a building corners the one opposite it. Since such corner energies bare negative charge for its inhabitants.

Envy – is our worst enemy

Money for instance also possess negative energy (that is why it is better not to carry it close to the body, in pockets) as well as jewelry, especially rings.
-It is a known fact that fingers are energetically connected to particular bodily organs, states he. –In case a ring “picked up” negativity somewhere (be it the metal itself or the person who sold it etc.), all of this negativity will be transferred onto the one who wears it. That is why after you purchase a jewelry item it is better to “cleanse” it. To do so, one should place it under tap water or in dissolved salt. One should keep in mind however that our evil thoughts, especially envy, affect our health in the worst possible way.

Victoria Golovko

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov