UFOs invade Russian skies

Residents of a small town of Verkhnaya Salda (Upper Salda) in Russia’s Ural region are concerned about the invasion of unidentified flying objects. Several people saw ball-like objects slowly moving across the sky above the settlement on one and the same day.

Dmitry Volobuyev, the director of the monitoring station of the regional association of ufologists, said that a local sky surfer, Yevgeny Mamin, was the person who got the closest to the mysterious objects.

The man was flying his hang-glider, when he saw a luminous bright-yellow ball. The ball was not producing any noise whatsoever. Mamin ascended a little at the height of 100 meters. The object was hanging in the air on the same level with his glider and was moving slowly.

Another local resident, Svetlana Berezkina, was going home with her daughter at the same time, at about 11:00 p.m. They both described the UFO as a small yellow ball, which was moving slowly. They both could see that the object was staying not too high above the ground. The object was not illuminating the dark sky, although it was producing light itself. It was not producing roaring sounds like those that can be heard from other aircraft.

Residents of the village of Veloba, which is situated near Verkhnaya Salda, saw a yellow spot pictured against the background of cloudless blue sky. The spot appeared on the pictures, which people took during the same period.

Dmitry Volobuyev was invited to Salda to investigate the incident. The specialist was provided with photographs of the UFO as well as with a cell phone video.

“When I watched the cell phone video, I recollected other similar incidents and asked the people if someone in their settlement was having a wedding that day. The people said that they indeed had a wedding in the town. It turned out that the newlyweds had launched a balloon with a candle in the air that night. The people took the balloon for an UFO. I have seen many of such incidents before,” the ufologist said.

“As for the photograph, we have not made a conclusion yet. However, the spot on the photo looks like a bug or a bumblebee that flew close to the object-glass. One can even see that the oblong body has little wings. Since the large insect was moving fast, the photographer might have not noticed it during the moment when the picture was taken,” the disappointed ufologist said.

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