Ordinary Putin

By next year, Department of presidential affairs plans to introduce special quality mark of food products—“Kremlin standard.”

“The project that we decided to launch in order to improve the overall quality of food stuff is meant for all Russians, not just Kremlin officials,” stated press-secretary of the department of presidential affairs Victor Khrekov in his interview to “Sobesednik”.

It is noteworthy to mention that the project will no longer allow other food product manufacturers to use the “Kremlin” brand name for advertising purposes of poor quality products. Now, all candidates must undergo strict control. A specially designed commission will thoroughly examine the actual factory, its financial state, whether or not it pays taxes as well as analyze suggested prices. As a result...

“Those factories that 'passed' the test will receive special certificates “recommended to be used in Kremlin” That's it!”, continues Khrekov. “There will be no indication saying “for president's use only”, as was reported earlier by some sources. President is just a human being, just like everyone, that is why there is no need to manufacture special products just for him.”

There also exists a financial side to the “Kremlin standard” project. Government intends to collect have the money from the lucky manufacturers for using the quality mark (which will most likely be a double headed eagle).
Well, Khodorkovsky isn't the only one who's got to share.

Dmitry Tomokenko

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov