Fighting terrorism Putin's style

Dependable security of the State's border “is one of the most important elements in a fight against terrorism, organized crime and narcobusiness,” proclaimed Russian President Vladimir Putin in his Tuesday’s address to the highest officers of the Russian Army.

“I expect professional work ethics from frontier guards,” declared Commander in Chief. Putin has named the fight against terrorism and people's protection to be “the key goal of Russian Armed Forces.” “3-4 years ago bandits could not expect such rapid growth of security personnel and specially trained teams to fight terrorism,” remarked the president.

President has also noted that highest officers “prioritize issues concerning national security, fight against terrorism and organized crime as well as protection of our frontiers.” “I hope that all Russian officials understand the extent of responsibility they have to bare.” According to Putin, “we have done a lot to strengthen our military organizations.” “Therefore, today we are fully entitled to expect a qualitative increase in work efficiency,” remarked the president.

He has also mentioned that “liquidation of the organized crime and protection of the general public” remain the main tasks of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.    

The head of the state hopes that “the renewed legislation will aid Federal Immigration Services to regulate immigration processes more efficiently and will be able to provide a decent flow of work labor into the country.” 

Putin positively talked about the Ministry of Emergency Situations. “The Ministry deserves the highest mark for its work not only in our country but also abroad.”



Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov