Will Russians support Putin after years of international sanctions, major scandals and humiliation?

Russia on the eve of another Crimea referendum

President Putin made an announcement about his decision to run for president at a meeting with GAZ employees, and it was not incidental.

Have you ever noticed how Putin listens to speakers at various levels, such as State Council meetings, congresses and press conferences? At all official meetings and events, Putin can rarely afford any emotions. However, when he meets workers or common people and hears an interesting question or opinion, he literally jiggets in the chair, wants to interrupt his interlocutor and gets carried away with a conversation with the people, who support Russia with their heart and soul.

Making an announcement about his decision to run for president comes as a natural step for Putin to make. This move shows Putin's special attitude to the working class and volunteers. This also comes as a special signal to both United Russia and the People's Front movement: the organisations have not been able to bring such people together.

There is also another symbol in Putin's announcement that came the day after the decision of the International Olympic Committee to exclude Russia from 2018 Winter Olympics.

Obviously, State Department curators at the IOC, who instructed IOC officials to make such a decision, did not proceed from the concept of doping in sports at all. In the United States, Olympians take much stronger doping drugs with WADA permission, and those drugs are indeed stronger than the medication that helps athletes recover after days of heavy training.

The main message from American strategists is the Crimea. Sochi Winter Olympics was declared the most impure Olympic Games in the history of mankind because of the Crimea, and the Berlin Games from 1936 pale in comparison with our crimes.

On the eve of the Berlin Olympics, in March 1936, German troops occupied the demilitarised Rhineland in gross violation of the terms of the Treaty of Versailles. The Olympics 1936 began on 1 August without the participation of Soviet athletes, but with the active support on the part of the United States, Britain and France, because Hitler was actively preparing for the war with the Soviet Union.

The West is trying to punish Russia, the people of Russia and the people of the Crimea, who voted to reunite with Russia at a referendum. The West has been working very hard to demonise President Putin and make him responsible for everything that Russia has to deal with now.

Therefore, Putin's announcement of his intention to run for president the day after the decision of the IOC comes as an announcement of a referendum: will Russia support the president who supported the will of the Crimean people? Do the Russians still trust him after several years of international sanctions? Are we ready to give up the Crimea and surrender Putin?

State Department strategists are dumb and completely unintellectual. They think inside the box, otherwise they should have already understood what the Russian psyche is about. They are dumb, because Russian citizens have learned to understand who stands behind all anti-Russian attacks of recent years.

It is worthy of note that the presidential election in Russia will coincide with the next anniversary of Russia's reunification with the Crimea. Needless to say, everyone both inside and outside Russia already knows what the outcome of the vote will be. I will be happy that day. I think that during the next term in the office, Putin will give a proper assessment to certain official, who work against Putin and against Russia.

Vadim Gorshenin

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Author`s name Vadim Gorshenin