Russia Warns US-IS-IS, Again

I can't even count the number of times the alarm has been sounded by the Russian Federation and its Foreign Minister, Mr. Sergey Lavrov, that US-Israeli support of, and participation in worldwide terrorism can only culminate in disaster if not all out world war. 

By Shaktiman

The United States refuses to respond with any logical solution or compromise that may benefit all parties. Instead, the evidence is mounting that under the color of anti-terrorism rhetoric, the United States and its State Department foster, support, and protect worldwide terrorist states and their mercenaries, in particular the label ISIS whom the US claims to oppose.

The US support of the many infamous terror groups that fly the flags of diverse and extremist factions, only to change names and slogans more often than the average citizen changes socks, is enigmatic at best. This US support, both financial and military, also comes from nefarious and genuine terrorist nations such as Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan that also claim to oppose terrorists, while all along feeding fanatics and mercenaries what they need to further terrorize the world.

Cf. Newsweek: Russia Warns U.S. Against Attacking Syrian Army as Allies Beat ISIS at Border

Why do we Americans not "get it"? Is it because we have been brainwashed by a corrupt and purchased US press and news media? Are we so stupid so as to believe lie after lie that we are fed by the most corrupt US government in history? Or maybe we just have no guts and cower before the tyranny of the usurpatory puppet US government that calls war crimes patriotism?

Ok my fellow Americans, y'all must enjoy looking the other way while waving little American flags in an Independence Day parade replete with baton twirlers, war veterans, and marching bands playing John Philip Sousa military ditties. Some call that patriotic, but in this modern day of geopolitical duplicity I call it "pseudo-patriotism". 

Real patriotism

Real patriotism is a struggle for truth and liberty and overthrowing any Vichy style government that misleads and terrorizes the world as well as its own citizens under the color of nonexistent and fake judicial law and order. 

Such is the stuff hell is made of. True patriotism was the stuff the American Revolution was made of. Those patriots overthrew the tyranny of King George and the "crown" that denied Americans representation in government. Without question history has repeated itself.

So then, off to the Fourth of July barbecue for ribs, steaks, and corn on the cob. Who cares what happens to the little children we are bombing, murdering both Christian and Muslim kids in Syria and all over the world for that matter?  Is this the foundation laid by the Founding Fathers of America? 

Real patriotism means the citizens of America will not and cannot allow themselves to be submissive to corruption, lies, and criminal misconduct by a government that tries to control their very thoughts by repeating lie after lie through a shackled and procured press and media until, vis-à-vis political correctness, the lies are accepted as truth.

Violating every principle

Is accepting government prevarication that violates every principle of ethics and honesty, what defines a "Christian" nation? Or is that just another lie to instill a government concocted Pseudo-Christianity into a beaten down and nescient citizenry?

Not religious? Fine. Both the faithful and the non-religious should look at what we are doing in the Middle East and even more so worldwide with open eyes, with logic, and just plain old common sense.

So now begin by asking yourselves, America, just how "free and independent" are we?

Can you think for yourselves America or do you simply have thoughts garnered from the images and alluring talk of a prostitution ring that calls itself the American free press?

Is freedom the right to spawn terrorism? 

Is it worth it? Spawning terrorism has backfired on us and is now an imminent threat to the US's own security. Acts of terrorism are increasingly moving onto the US's own soil. The Constitutional axiom of having citizens secure in their own persons and their own property is an issue of mega proportion for the next decade to come. The Vichy US State has thereby failed "to provide for the common welfare".

But this failure affects primarily the average law abiding citizen. Drug dealers, terrorists, purveyors of public corruption, gangs and street thugs and assorted criminals have all the freedom they want. The freedom to harm their fellow Americans.

The comparison of the US to ISIS's lawless head choppers is uncanny. It is an analogy only from a different vantage point, but similar as to their content and actions. What laws give anyone the right to promote injustices? That is a contradiction in the very nature of "law".

There are those in government that would enjoy the imposition of martial law in the US under the color of those laws preventing domestic terrorism and even civil unrest so as to actually strengthen government tyranny and control.

So ask yourselves America: "Is it worth it?" Is it worth it to lose your freedom, your family, your money, your character if not your very "soul" to a corrupt US government that terrorizes its own citizens?

Is freedom the right to cheat and oppress your neighbors? 

Is promoting that kind of character in our citizenry worth it? Use your head America! Bombing sovereign states and creating a war zone within the borders of the US is not the way to make friends and influence people. 

Is it worth it to live in a country where you must look over your shoulder 24/7 because some idiot may use explosives to blow-up you and your loved ones into Kingdom Come?

Is freedom the right to lie and force everyone to call it truth? 

Is promoting cowardice in our citizenry in the face of tyranny and injustice worth it? Bombing our neighbors in this world and killing their children has created a mountain of hatred from the world. The American citizen must speak up or perish.

The US and their adopted child ISIS, USISIS, are now in the same boat as Israel. So instead of Israeli politicians screaming and accusing their neighbors of being anti-Semitic, the US politicians scream anti-American or anti-Christian but they overlook that this anti-American and anti-Israeli hatred is the result of committing overt war crimes and supporting worldwide terrorist nations and their mercenaries.

Is freedom the right to plunge the whole world into a hellhole and abyss?

Israel has already threatened that if it doesn't get its way, change regimes where Israel and the US so choose and more so to become "Greater Israel", (if one can call it great), then Israel will unilaterally launch nukes against the whole world.

Cf. The National Interest: The World's Most Mysterious Nuclear Weapons Program (And It's Not North Korea)

Now isn't that special, but maybe that's what the Israelis think is the meaning of freedom.

Greater America? Greater Israel? Does that mean freedom for a few corrupt elitists and nobody else?

What did Syria do to you, America? How do you justify your invasion of sovereign states? Why do you place grievous burdens upon the bodies and minds of your own citizens? Freedom is a very high price to pay for your useless phylacteries.

Maybe this article falls on deaf ears. Or even worse, maybe the offspring of the Statue of Liberty have entered into unholy wedlock with Satan himself. 

For whom does the Liberty Bell toll? Or is this ringing of that symbolic Liberty Bell we all revere sounding the Death Knell for Liberty and America as well?

Photo: By PersianDutchNetwork - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,


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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey