How will Russia respond to the US missile attack on Syria?

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that the US attack on Syria was an act of aggression against a sovereign state. This move creates obstacles for the struggle against terrorism. However, top officials with the Russian administration said that Russia would refrain from harsh retaliatory actions.

The US missile attack on Syria was strongly condemned in Iran. Turkey, however, which the US used to call its staunch ally, announced support for the missile attack on the Syrian airbase. "We positively estimate the US attack on Syria. The international community should support this approach to the regime of Bashar Assad, he should be punished," Turkish Vice Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmush told Fox.

British officials also spoke in favour on the US missile attack. According to them, the US has shown an adequate reaction to the barbaric chemical attack that the Syrian government conducted.

Are we on the verge of a nuclear war? What does Donald Trump want to tell the world with his actions?

Pravda.Ru asked chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Defence and Security Viktor Ozerov to comment on the situation.

"Because of the attack on the Syrian airbase, Russia's interaction with the United States can be interrupted. We believe that this is an act of aggression, one cannot look at it otherwise. Fifty-nine bombs fell on Shayrat airfield. Everything that Donald Trump has said before about Syria has lost its meaning. The deed has been done. I do not really understand what kind of game they are playing there. But we will respond to this," Viktor Ozerov told Pravda.Ru.

Pravda.Ru requested an expert opinion from Alexander Bedritsky, director of the Tauride Information and Analytical Centre.

"What consequences can there be from the missile attack?"

"This can lead to very bad things, just because Russia is now operating in Syria too. Assad and Syria are Russia's allies. Everybody knows that international organisations, including of the UN, have conducted inspections to verify the destruction of Syrian chemical weapons. Syria does not have chemical weapons, but the US has attacked the country still.

"Russia will have to show reaction to this somehow. The level of escalation is extremely high. Having launched the missile attack on Syria at night, Trump has shown that he is an irresponsible politician, who has neither political experience, nor political culture. All this can lead to a very serious aggravation of relations between our two countries, to most unpredictable consequences."

"Does it mean that Trump will continue using Obama-Clinton-like hawkish methods in Syria?"

"In fact, Trump was never been a dove. If you look at his pre-election statements, he always spoke from the position of strengthening the military-industrial complex, increasing the role of the armed forces and so on. He still believes so. His latest move has put Russia in a very complicated situation. Originally, he wanted to talk to Russia, but then, under the influence of hawkish officials, he started changing his point of view. The relationship with Russia for him is a small coin to exchange, but never a goal in itself."

"Do you think the Americans will launch a full-scale operation in Syria?"

"The US will not deploy full-scale troops, because this is fraught with losses. The Americans always start with air strikes before they can deploy troops. The problem is that there is the Russian contingent in Syria too. This can lead to direct confrontation between the two countries."


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov