Threats to Russia revealed: US aggression and ISIS terror

The US course for Russia's weakening and surrounding it with a cordon of pro-American regimes is the most tangible strategic threat for Russia, according to the International Threats-2016 report, which is presented by the Valdai International Discussion Club and Foreign Policy agency.

Experts note that "weak, clutched in depth of the continent Russia will not be a serious economic rival and won't be able to form an alternative centre of power in Eurasia. Weak Russia will be afraid of the Chinese expansion and will have to become the US' partner within its key project of the XXI century, that is containment of China".

There exists no case of cooperation with an equal partner in the history of the American policy. The US sees Russia as a potential ally against China, experts point out.

At the same time, following results of the Syrian campaign, Russia will maintain a friendly regime in Damascus, will be able to strengthen its naval bases in the Mediterranean, and retain superiority under the projects of the offshore gas production in Syria, Cyprus, and Israel.

Terror threat from the Islamic radicals is also mentioned in the report. Analysts believe that it will not disappear even in case of total victory over the jihadists in Syria, as most valuable fighters will probably shift from Syria to other countries with weak governmental power (Iraq, Libya, Mali, Afghanistan, Somali, and others), where they will continue their destructive activity.

It should be noted that Ukraine failed to appear in the list, as it is shifting slowly to the category of the so-called frozen conflicts. Analysts predict preservation of the status quo: "unlikely quick settlement, unlikely new war".

Rise of tensions in the Far East and Southeast Asia is also relevant for Russia, as China's confrontation with the US and its allies becomes more discernible first of all because of uncertain status of Taiwan and territorial disputes in the South China Sea.


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