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Has Moscow lost its patience?

State Duma Speaker Sergei Naryshkin does not rule out that MPs will decide to conduct parliamentary investigation of the most recent unrest in the West of Moscow. The heads of the Interior Ministry and the Federal Migration Service are to visit the lower house of the Russian Parliament on October 22 to discuss the events that took place in the Russian capital.

Meanwhile, as many as 1,200 people were detained on Monday during a police raid in the West of Moscow. All the detainees were taken to police stations, to investigate their involvement in crimes. At the vegetable warehouse, the police found a suspicious vehicle with money and weapons. Inside, there were several million rubles, three traumatic pistols, two knives and a baseball bat.

After the events in Biryulyovo, the administration of the Moscow police was reshuffled. The head of Central Directorate of Internal Affairs in Moscow, Anatoly Yakunin, appointed new heads in several administrative districts of Moscow.

TV presenter Maxim Shevchenko told Pravda.Ru:

"I think that people do not understand the meaning of the expression "crime has no nationality." The media propagandize that there are some exclusive crimes committed by some poor nations or peoples.

"Let's imagine logically. There's a man standing near an apartment building, he has a knife in his pocket. Then there's a young guy walking by, a handsome, an intelligent-looking guy, he is walking with his girlfriend. That man by the building says harsh words to the guy, and the latter comes into conflict with him and gets stabbed in the stomach or the heart.

"This is a thug by behavior. By all indications, this man is a thug. Only thugs act like this. Uzbek, Kyrgyz or Tajik guys do not act like that. A thug is a universal demeanor. This is obviously a criminal type of a person, and we generalize this criminal type for all migrants  - all of them are to blame for this crime.

"Therefore, I believe that the offender belongs to some people, that the offender has a name, but crime does not have nationality. There are no crimes with purely ethnic overtones. Every thug has a knife and many of them hang around the streets every evening, picking at other guys' girls. For a thug, life sucks, if he's not high, of course."

"How do you assess the actions of the Moscow Police? And what do you think about the opinion expressed, by the head of the Moscow Helsinki Group, Lyudmila Alexeeva, who said that on Bolotnaya Square on 6 May 2012, the police acted quickly, but now they came later than was required?"

"The police simply saved those young guys who participated in the pogrom, from more serious crimes. And they saved Moscow from more serious events that could follow. In general, I was surprised to see how coordinated and professional the actions of the Moscow police were. On Bolotnaya Square, the rally had been announced in advance, and the police knew that there would be a large meeting there. For that event, the riot police had been prepared in advance, but no one had been warned when the pogrom in Biryulyovo took place. No one knew it would happen.

I saw the police assessing the situation and cutting off the crowd, there were no beatings, all went well. It took the police about an hour to find those screaming "Kill the blacks!" and "Russia for Russians!" As soon as those people were found, the special operation took place.

The fact that the there are no victims in the crowd, who were seriously injured, shows that the police showed self-sacrifice and humanism. The police were actually trying to protect themselves, rather than attack.

"I'm sure, though, that there will be many criminal cases filed in connection with events in Biryulyovo, because there are many instigators there. Obviously, these instigators have been arrested or will be arrested." 

"What, in your opinion, should be done so that the celebration of Eid al-Adha festival goes quiet?"

"From what I know, this year for Eid al-Adha festivities, the Spiritual Board of Muslims and the city authorities have arranged everything well. There were special enclosures provided where they will perform animal sacrifices. These places are near the mosque in Moscow or the Moscow region. The fact that there will be many people in mosques - well, it is the right of citizens to come on a special day to a mosque, to visit their traditional places for religious prayer.

In the end, no one is surprised when there is a crowd of 50,000 people going to a football match. But a football match is a once a week, and Eid al-Adha is once a year.

I think it should be a reasonable approach to prepare the population of Moscow for this holiday as a holiday of their fellow citizens, their neighbors, not a holiday of their enemies. 

Anton Ponomarev


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