Racism in Russia: BBC blames Putin

Scandalous Russophobic fairy stories in supposedly prestigious news outlet

Read the “bought” press these days and you will find the package of stories which has been carefully chosen and tailored to meet the cozy vision of the world which the controllers of its wealth want you to find: The USA and her allies globetrotting, braving the wilderness with the bullet and the Bible, civilizing the savages (while ransacking their resources and setting up pro-western regimes across the globes). A constant factor in this formula is a hysterical, hostile and histrionic anti-Russian stance.Racism

Once again, this Sunday's BBC website brings us a classic example of this Russophobic slant among the world's “bought” press – the article “UK students fear Russian racists,” where the BBC correspondent Jonathan Charles has scoured the deepest corners of Russia trying to find muck to rake. His search takes him to the southern city of Voronezh, where racist attacks have taken place recently against foreigners.

“Voronezh is a frightening place after dark”, we are informed, before being presented with the terrifying statistic that two people have been murdered there in the last two years in racist attacks. However lamentable, this figure pales into insignificance when compared with racist attacks in British cities, such as Liverpool, where only a few weeks ago a student was hacked to death with an axe just because he was black.

While a handful of idiots exist in all societies – and Russia is no exception, to present racists and racism as the norm in Russia is to distort reality to a questionable level, which raises the issue as to what is the BBC's agenda and whether this, or any other “bought” news organ, is worth paying attention to any more.

“It is hard to pinpoint the precise reason why racism is on the rise,” claims the journalist who wrote this classic piece of utter nonsense who then goes on to postulate that people have become jealous of wealthy westerners after communism “collapsed” in the 1990s (note that this cliche is used in practically all articles on Russia in the “bought” press, while no mention is made of the trillions of dollars spent on sabotaging the model in a constant barrage of hostility and belligerence from those who control the world's wealth, and wish to get their hands on Russia's resources). One can then ask the question, if the monetarist-capitalist model is so good, why is the lot of the people worse now in Voronezh than it was in the times of the Soviet Union?

Putin's fault

Now comes the cherry on the cake, the claim by the BBC that “another cause could be President Vladimir Putin's campaign to make Russians feel proud of their country,” a message which “may have been misinterpreted by some who have translated it into an excuse to dislike foreigners.”

So it is OK for British and American people to feel proud of their country, two countries where there is far more racially-motivated violence than in Russia, but when Russians begin to get patriotic, they become “dangerous,” is that it?

Maybe the Russians are supposed to turn to regionalism, defending their local capital against Moscow, creating serious and catastrophic internal divisions in the Russian Federation, while Russia's resources are siphoned off one-way to western controllers, is this the grand plan?

Under Vladimir Putin, this is not going to happen and if the BBC wants a good reason for anti-foreign sentiment in Voronezh, then it is precisely this meddlesome, intrusive, arrogant approach by a continuously hostile west which either refuses to, or cannot, move on from the Cold War, it is precisely this anti-Russian approach which is a constant factor in any equation presented by the west.

If the BBC wants to find a more realistic story, then how about investigating the violence in Britain's cities especially on Saturday nights, where drunken mobs of yobs roam the streets, attacking people and destroying private property, and rendering public utilities unusable. If the BBC wants a good story, then how about visiting a railway station in any village near London on a Sunday morning, where they will find hooligans slumped on the ground with a beer can by their sides, lying in pools of excrement and vomit, after leaving the station in such a deplorable state that it seems to have been visited by the inhabitants of every pigsty in the region?

If the BBC wants a story nearer to home, how about investigating the shocking levels of racial violence in British society or across the pond over in the land of the great buddy, the US of A? When those who have roofs made of glass cast the first stone…

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Author`s name Olga Savka