What are you going to do now, Mr. Bush?

“We used to have one reactionary dictator. Now we have tens of them springing up"

The Bush regime's policy in Iraq is an abject failure. Two years after the lies which gave a false pretext for the illegal invasion of Iraq, after 30,000 civilians have been murdered by US armed forces, after a hundred thousand people have lost their lives directly or indirectly because of this invasion, after Iraq's civilian infra-structures were selected as military targets, after the war crimes, the use of chemical weapons, the cases of torture, who can say that the policy was a success?George W. Bush

The Americans have lost control over Iraq

The US Forces have lost control of the situation. Eye witnesses have informed Pravda.Ru that the troops are rarely to be seen on the streets – they spend their time avoiding the population in huge convoys travelling back and forth on the outskirts of the cities and the ones who exert direct control are the gangs of armed men on practically every street corner.

Life much worse for the population

Residents of Baghdad contacted by Pravda.Ru corroborate the story of Iraqis who visited their country recently and who tell a shocking story of a country destroyed. Houzan Mahmoud, an Iraqi political activist who fights for women's rights and is a member of the Worker Communist Party of Iraq, recently explained to Pravda.Ru that women were better off under Saddam Hussein.

“We used to have one reactionary dictator. Now we have tens of them springing up, who deny women the rights they had achieved before. Women are expected to walk around in veils and if they refuse, they can be beheaded in daylight.”

Infrastructures destroyed

Apart from the war crimes, in which chemical weaponry was deployed against civilians and cluster bombs were deployed in civilian areas, apart from the shocking tactics of dropping bombs on houses and blasting the limbs off kids, the Bush regime purposefully destroyed civilian infrastructures. Why? Were these military targets? Or was it to give contracts to Cheney and his friends?

Who is responsible and accountable?

The tactic used by the Bush regime is to repeat that the Iraq policy was a resounding success because the people are now free. Free? To do what? They can't even go down the road for bread these days without fearing for their lives. Women can't walk around freely. They aren't even free to wear what they like.

So who is responsible and who is accountable? In any state of law, in any civilised nation in the world, this regime would have been deposed for gross incompetence, and worse, mass murder, war crimes, being responsible for acts of torture and for breaking practically every law in the international code. The finger points at the Bush regime, each and every one of this clique of elitists who put their corporate interests before the dignity of their country.

They are traitors to the last man and woman. Traitors to their country, traitors to their party, traitors to their people and traitors to the international community which is forced to live beside this pariah, this monster who gate-crashed the party.

The legacy of the Bush regime's abject failure in Iraq is once again visible today, after a string of bombings has left 55 dead and 62 injured. And it will go on, and on, and on, and on, and on. Why? Because the Bush regime removed the point of equilibrium in one of the most delicate areas on the planet.

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Author`s name Olga Savka