Why is Bush so unpopular?

Bush's visit to Latin America stirs up violent demonstrations

When President Vladimir Putin steps off the aircraft "Rossiya", he is greeted by warm smiles of friendship and an aura of silence which reflects genuine respect and interest. Not so the presence of George Bush, who does not dare to step off an aircraft in most countries and when he does, he is greeted with seething and sullen hatred.Anti-Bush protests in Latin America

Why so?

Why did thousands of Argentineans take to the streets to protest against the unwelcome presence of George Bush at the Summit, why do thousands of Brazilians prepare tonight to demonstrate against the unwelcome presence of Bush in Brazil? Why was Bush the only leader to have been forced to scuttle out the back door of Number 10 Downing Street during his last visit to London, in which he was confined to just three streets for security reasons? Why does George Bush frequently have to deploy thousands of bodyguards?

For some reason it must be. Could it be because he is extremely popular and wishes to keep his many fans at arm's length? Or could it be that he is perhaps the most hated man on Earth?

People in general dislike self-righteous blasphemers who take God's name in vain to justify their own lies as they go globe-trotting, committing acts of mass murder. People in general dislike those who break the law, in the case of Bush, practically every rule in international law and diplomacy, which renders him and his regime liable in future to stand trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

People in general dislike those who interfere in the sovereign affairs of other nations and those who set up Roman-style military bases across the globe. Basically, what we see today is the message: Go home, stay at home. The forces of the United States of America belong in the United States of America.

Until George Bush, his regime and the governing class of his country understands this message, there will be a tremendous difference between the way US Presidents are received, compared with leaders of practically every other nation on earth, except perhaps Zimbabwe.

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Author`s name Olga Savka