US scientists deliberately set up Russian X-ray girl to fail in the tests

Natasha Demkina, 17, has become known worldwide for her unique gift to see people through and diagnose their diseases

Dear English Editor of Pravda.Ru:

As a viewer in America, I was ashamed of the way the doctors and scientists in New York tried to discredit Natasha.  They used their experienced older "brains" (I use the term brains lightly) against a young and vulnerable Natasha.

I saw a television program about how Natasha was tested in New York.  They claim that she failed because she only got four out of seven patients right. But that was the second day's testing. I think the scientists set her up to fail.

I am a retired engineer, and it seemed obvious to me how they tricked Natasha. Natasha and her family deserve encouragement and positive feedback. Please notice the following things.

1) First, who has the right to say Natasha had to get five patients right to pass?  Her success of getting four right should mean success.

2)  None of those doctors and scientists could have passed that same test which Natasha passed. They could not have done as well as she did. Which means that she did better than they ever could. She has abilities that they do not have.

3) Perhaps Natasha and her family did not see the flaw in their testing because they are so trusting. Let me explain it more fully.

4) Natasha claims to see the illness in people, and not just to have perfect X-ray vision. You recall our "Superman" comic strip character that has X-ray vision, that was not what Natasha claimed to have.

5) The testers only allowed Natasha two incorrect diagnosis, then they rigged the test with two people who just had things like a metal plate in their head and an artificial hip. Those were not true illnesses.

6) Those two people were not suffering a malady from their implants.  Even the person with the replaced esophagus was no longer ill. These three people were really back to health. They were not in need of someone's healing power.

7) That is why Natasha missed three, but she did get the other four out of seven correct. She even got the one totally healthy person correct.

8) The testers should have presented her with seven really ill people.  A person with a metal plate in their head doesn't go to the doctor and say "Guess what's wrong with me?" Such a person does not transmit biological symptoms outside of the body.

9) The scientists totally dismissed Natasha's first day of success, which should have been added on to her second day when she got four out of seven correct. Her wonderful success that first day should be counted at least as one more "correct" patient on that second. Any way you look at it, Natasha proved her powers. They could not do what she did.

10) So, Natasha proved that she has more abilities than they do.  We should not be calling it X-ray eyes or psychic. Leave it to the scientists, especially in New York, to dismiss any spiritual or religious gift of healing or discernment.

One last thing. Isn't it also essential that Natasha's family be allowed to bring their own doctor or doctors to these tests? They can verify the illness of the test patients. These Russian doctors should not just trust medical reports either, but should examine the test patents completely themselves. Too much is at stake.

Thank you for your commitment to go reporting the truth.

Mr. Cappi

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Author`s name Olga Savka