Americans expose Russian X-ray Girl

Natasha Demkina from Russia's Saransk first got popular in London and then disgraced in New York

The world learned about the unique ability of the 17-year-old girl at the beginning of the year. Newspapers reported about the X-ray girl who could see through people like a medical apparatus. Natasha’s talent became evident at the age of 10.

Once the girl suddenly said she saw her mom’s blood running through the veins. However, neither the girl nor her mother got surprised with the incredible talent. Soon, the girl started using medical terms correctly. That was especially astonishing as there were no doctors in the family at all.
Friends of Natasha’s mother became the first patients of the unique girl. A line of patients from different cities of the country lined up near Natasha’s door the year when the girl was leaving school. Natasha X-rayed ten thousand people over the seven years since her talent became evident.

The Russian girl got really popular in January 2004: British journalists brought her to London, and Natasha did successful diagnostics of patients right during a live show on TV. The popular Discover Channel decided to make a film about the unique Russian girl. Natasha Demkina concluded a contract with the TV channel for six months according to which she was prohibited to give interviews to other mass media.                                

Over the period since that time, Natasha left school with honors. She successfully passed entrance examinations to Moscow’s Semashko State Stomatological University.
Some time ago, the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper gathered “X-ray” people from all parts of the CIS for a congress. Unfortunately, Natasha could not come to the congress. But the newspaper staff was surprised to know that the Commission for Paranormal Phenomena in New York discredited the Russian “X-ray” girl. What is more, Britain’s The Guardian called Natasha a quack.

When the Komsomolskaya Pravda journalist met the girl the latter angrily said she was no X-ray. She explains that the X-ray unit seriously differs from her ability: the unit does scanning of the whole organism completely, but Natasha scans every organ separately to see condition of the whole organism. The journalist decided to try Natasha’s ability and asked the girl if she could see anything in her gums. At that, the gums were closed tightly. Both girls fixed their eyes on each other for some seconds and then Natasha pronounced a stunning diagnosis. The X-ray girl managed to see a pin screwed into the tooth canal after nerve extraction a year ago and even a hardening on the inner side of the gum.

Natasha’s family says something incredible happened in New York. At first, Natasha was brought to London wherejournalists tested her ability. No doctors were present at the examination. Natasha was told to specify diagnoses of patients, from six to eight people; then her predictions were compared with official medical diagnoses of the patients. They coincided absolutely! As a result of the success Natasha soon appeared in a live show where she “X-rayed” patients in front of big audience. And again the girl performed successfully! Unfortunately, there was no scientific confirmation of the phenomenon.
Other Discovery journalists brought Natasha to New York to head of the Commission for Paranormal Phenomena Richard Wiseman. The man once exposed Uri Gellar who amazed the audience when curved iron spoons and stopped the Big Ben just with a glance. Wiseman is a former illusionist, not a scientist and his main objective is to lay bare other people’s tricks.

The Commission organized another even tougher testing. The girl was put to one room with seven patients at once and was to diagnose each of them. But usually Natasha receives one patient at a time for accurate diagnosing. As a result, the examination lasted for several hours. It was too wicked of Wiseman but Natasha could not compare her diagnosing with the official medical certificates after the examination. The examiners alleged that one of the patients had a metal plate in the head and said Natasha did not scan it. Did the guy actually have the plate? Also the girl was told to point at a patient with a scar somewhere on the body. There were two women with identical scars but of different origins: one woman had her appendicitis operated and the other had a scar after a gynecological operation. Still, the Commission insisted the girl must point at only one patient with a scar. Natasha considered the scar caused by a gynecological operation to be more important and thus indicated this very patient to the Commission. But as it turned out, the examiners wanted the Russian prophet to indicate the woman with a scar after an appendicitis operation. So the girl lost a point. One of the Commission members insisted Natasha got SMS from someone who sent her information about the patients. “I have neither friends nor enemies in the USA. Who could send SMS to me?” A psychologist wanted to prove that Natasha could guess diagnoses of patients by their gests and mimicry and even diagnosed patients together with her. As a result, the psychologist got no points while Natasha was given four out of seven points. Unfortunately, the Commission did not recognize Natasha’s phenomenon.
Natasha did not like the film that Discovery Channel made about her. She is extremely displeased with the final phrase in the film saying that the fundamental medicine must go to the dump if Natasha’s phenomenon is officially recognized. So, the Russian girl was in the focus only when experts wanted to expose her unusual ability.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov