A journalist dream come true

Every once in a while, a Journalist will write a story – critical observations, only to have the respondents actually validate his/her article.
I present two classic cases in just the last 24 hours. 

“As a voting American, I must thank you for helping make up my mind about who to vote for.  Bush.  If for no other reason, just to piss off the rest of the world.  Most Americans will vote just for that reason.  Thanks. Paul” 

Paul doesn’t give a last name so Paul who is a big question.   But, it is typical American, wag tongue and hide.  Paul places blame for his voting decision on Pravda.ru – Is Paul old enough to make his own decisions?  Let me submit that Paul knows which way he is going to vote and has to blame somebody else in case his decision backfires on him.  Or is he using ‘guilt’ as some sort of power play.

Paul also adds he is going to vote for Bush so that he can help anger the rest of the world.  That’s a real smart move, eh?  In a world that is turning against America, and some very dangerous people out there wanting a piece of America - it make sense to anger everyone?  

Paul tells us the most Americans are going to vote for Bush just to set enmity between the US and the rest of the world.  America, you have validated my article about how Americans see themselves – and I really want to thank Paul for substantiating my article.

And when the people you’ve angered strike back, you will now have an excuse to sniffle. And you will blame it all on someone else. 

John Peck wrote in and told us: 

“I am a American and wonder how you would feel if our newspapers started Printing that you owe us support for past deeds. How dare you print that the American people owe it to the world to vote for Kerry.  John Peck”  

John also validates my article – first, lashing at me for an article somebody else wrote.  But John also validates my article that Americans can’t stand hearing anything negative about them. 

Americans love to use Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press – they target other countries, etc.  But, when the wind shifts, America can’t stand it.   

Timothy, the Pravda.ru Journalist who wrote the article about Kerry, is well within his rights under Freedom of speech to say what he thinks and feels – and rather reading for understanding; John here just bares his talons and would like to see Timothy stifle.   Duel standards seem to be the order of the day.   

My little buddy, Master Peck, doesn’t seem to understand, the US does ram it down other countries throats that they owe us big time – for darn near everything.  So, what gives here Master Peck?   

People judge by the least common denominator.   American’s have an expression that a few bad apple spoils the rest of the barrel.  That is a truism.  People like John and Paul are part of the bar that the world sees. 

The US is working very hard at becoming friendless in this world.  We scare people and countries with our firebrand rhetoric.  We push other countries to do our will, and we lambaste those who don’t succumb.  France and Germany were dissenting voices about the Iraq war – and look at how we reacted and said.  

America might not really care if it has any friends or not – for the moment.  But what is going to happen when our backs are against the wall and we cry for help?   

Just like Rome, America is going to find out the hard way, that you cannot dominate the world.  You cannot force others to do your bidding.  You cannot control the world through military might and rhetoric.  You cannot demand the world to agree with you.   

Just like Rome did, America is sticking its tentacles into every facet of other countries and we are sucking them dry.  We exploit their poverty, dangle jobs in front of them, and we pay dirt wages.   

Rome said: “Pax Roma”.  We say: “the American way”.   

Rome died for many reasons.  Inter squabbling.   Poor decisions on the part of the Senate and the Emperor.  A military strained to the hilt.  Over taxation of its people. And, a number of countries that was against Roman rule and took up the sword.  

America has inter squabbling – left and right screaming at each other.  Some of our decisions are beginning to come back and haunt us.  Our taxation on the middle class is going through the roof.  And, we have countries and individuals that are taking up weapons and fighting against us. 

When the final death blow was poised over the collective heads of Rome, there was no one who would help them.  

The world has a new weapon called globalization – now they can suck the life blood right out of America and we don’t even see it coming.  We initiated globalization.  Our jobs are being shipped overseas – and all those countries need to do is nationalize the industries and we’re screwed.  Standard Oil and Saudi Arabia very good case in point.  Outside countries arebuy large chunks of land within the US - we might have to start paying dearly for usage or to buy it back. Our tax havens overseas - they can rightfully turn and say: "You made millions and we helped you - now, time to pay the piper or we will terminate your charter" - we'd be screwed because our money is in their banks. Most of our consumer goods are made in China – all they have to do is embargo, and we are in serious trouble.  The coding houses in India – all they have to do is copyright the code, insert a poison pill, demand payment for usage, and they will cripple the US.   

There’s already rumblings about sanctions against the US, and Karen Carpenter sang a song called: “We’ve only Just Begun”.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova