Child killers - Readers' letters on Beslan tragedy

Horrible tragedy
I'd like to start by saying that I've never been moved enough to write a letter like this before. The senseless tragedy that unfurled is almost beyond comprehension. In a tragedy like this, it is very normal for people to start pointing fingers. The Police, are NOT THE Problem, The Gov't is NOT THE Problem, Foreign Policy, is NOT THE Problem.
The fact that in a modern society, Twisted, Self Righteous, Self Serving, Koran Toting, Holier Than Thou, Martyrdom Seeking, Waiting To Get Laid, CHILD KILLERS, think that they can get away with this, IS THE PROBLEM.
Here's a little news flash for you morally delinquent terrorist fuckheads. YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE!
You have now accomplished two things. You PISSED OFF THE TWO SUPERPOWERS!
And along with them ordinary citizens like me. Maybe I don't agree with my Governments policies, ( I am staunchly opposed to the Gulf War ) And believe me, I will never forget 911. But you crossed the line with this latest foray into the moral abyss. When the good Russians find you, I hope they pull you apart piece by piece. And when you finally die, I truly hope that even the bastardized version of the god you believe in, sends you back for more punishment.
Matt Buteux

Beslan tragedy

I would like to express my deep sympathy for the victims of the hostages and for your nation as it mourns.  I cannot begin to understand the depravity of the animals that did that.  My prayers are with you all.
Katherine Pafunda
Tampa, Florida  USA

America is with Russia

To the people of Russia,
My family wishes to extend our deepest sympathies to the families of the terrorist acts that have taken place in Russia. The latest outrage is the act of monsters. in the last 100 years we have forgotten our differences twice to destroy evil that threatened the world. I hope that our governments can put aside petty differences and we can act together to rid the world of these monsters.
To those who have been touched by these criminals our prayers, thoughts and actions are with you.
Ron Lawton
Olympia, Washington USA


Sincerest sympathies to the Nation in this time of grief and horror.
May these innocents be avenged.
Washington, DC, USA


To the Editor,

I wish to express my deep sympathy to the people of Beslan in this time of intense sorrow. Although I do not speak Russian, human suffering is not confined to any language or culture. I hope that this message will pass through the barrier of language and reach the people of Beslan and of Russia. Your suffering has touched the hearts of American citizens. We know that that Beslan could have been New York or Washington or a small unknown village anywhere on earth.  We know the pain of these terror attacks, and we know of the many attacks that have occurred in Russia.

We also know that there is a normal desire to find someone to blame for such attacks.   Sometimes this desire leads to constructive changes, sometimes it results in placing blame on those who have little to do with the attack, but are easier targets than the terrorists.  Sometimes politicians will try to
use these tragedies to manipulate public opinion against their political rivals. We have seen this happen in the USA, England, Spain, and elsewhere.
I do not have much knowledge of public affairs in Russia, but I suspect that the same thing happens there as well.  This type of manipulation does not help people heal and does not help reduce the risk of future attacks. 
Surely, all such attacks should be investigated so that lessons can be learned which might decrease the frequency or severity of future attacks. 
But the finger of accusation should only be pointed at those who attack and those who helped them attack.  Those who are fighting the terrorists should be given public support and whatever resources they need.

It is useless to give in to the demands of terrorists.  Such people will never be satisfied, and should never be rewarded. If you give in to one demand, they will kill again for another demand. Giving in to them will also encourage other insane people to kill in the hope of furthering other causes. How is it possible to negotiate with people who are willing to strap bombs to themselves, their own children, and your children? There is no logic which can penetrate such insanity.  I hope that the people of Russia will be wise enough to insist that their leaders put aside political differences (local, national, and international) and do whatever is necessary to capture and punish the terrorists.  There will be more attacks.
The attacks will continue if we fight them or if we surrender. But there will be fewer attacks, and fewer deaths, if the terrorists  learn that their goals cannot be reached through violence. They must learn that violence only causes greater unity against them.

The most important duty of any government is to protection honest citizens. 
All governments should work together to hunt down these terrible people and make sure that they have no safe place to plan their next attack. This is not a call for vengeance. Vengeance usually breeds more vengeance. This is a plea for cooperative self defense. This should be the single most important issue faced by my government, your government, and all governments. We cannot expect perfection.  No matter what precautions are taken there will be more attacks. But we should insist that our governments cooperate with each other, learn from each other, take reasonable precautions, take aggressive action against terrorist networks,  punish nations that harbor them, and demonstrate clearly that defense against terrorists is their first priority.

My message probably will not reach the ears of even one of those suffering people of Beslan.    Even if my message could get through, what words could possibly comfort them? We cannot comfort them. But perhaps they can help us to learn that we must work together to capture and punish the terrorists before they attack another school, hospital, airplane, train, subway, ship, bus, apartment building, or skyscraper. The next school could be in my town.


Terrorist attack

Dear People of Russia,
I was unsure who to write, or exactly where to do it but I had to get my feelings to someone in your country. I hope someday this message reaches the people of Russia.
I am truly sorry for your great loss, and I can speak for the vast majority of American people when I say we stand together with you, united against terrorism. There is nothing I can say or do as a private citizen of the USA that can make your pain go away, but I hope someday your wounds will heal as ours did after the events of 9/11 in New York city. Let us not forget that all though our politicians may sometimes disagree, we are all human beings, and the reaction in America to this ruthless attack on your innocent men, women, and children is one of horror and outrage. Millions of Americans, of all races, colors, and creeds prays for Russia now, and for its safety in the future. We must not bow to these ruthless, godless, cowardly murderers. The fight will be long and hard, much blood will be shed, and many of our sons and daughters will die in defense of our countries against this evil enemy; but we will prevail; we must prevail.
Stay strong, and God Bless,
Your friends, the American public.

Condolences to Beslan school victims

Please accept my deepest sympathies to the families of Beslan.  Having 3 children of my own, I cannot begin to imagine your hurt and pain.  It scares the hell out of me to know that this can happen here in the U.S.A. too, to our children as well.  These murderous pigs deserve only two things- a boot in the face and a bullet in the back of the head.  We, the citizens of the world, need to understand that we are fighting a global war on terrorism brought about by fanatics bent on ruling the world, and getting rid of Christians.
Austin, Texas

Tragedy in Beslan

To the editor:

Words are inadequate to express the grief that we feel at the horrors inflicted on the people of Beslan and on the people of Russia this past week. The barbarians who inflict such horrors on innocents do not deserve to be called human beings. Many of us in the United States understand President Putin's anger at the suggestions that he negotiate with Chechens. He is
right, there is no negotiating with those who kill children because they only negotiate to buy time to regroup and attack again. If they were men who could be negotiated with, they would not be killing women and children in the manner that they do. They have no honor nor civility. Please believe that few people in the United States will condemn you for what you may have to do to protect yourself. The great majority of people (contrary to what our press says) feel that your struggle with the Chechen terrorists is a front on the war all of us civilized people must fight. Please have pride in your men and women in uniform. They now fight Islamo-fascist for us all. My family and my friends send our condolences to the people of Beslan and all of Russia.


Bert Hernandez
Lorena, TX

To stop terrorism

In the United States I saw a forum, where the people we commenting on the horrible murders Islamic terrorist did to Russian children. I never wrote before but I made a comment. "If Islamic terrorist represent Allah, then Allah must be Satan." A Muslim wrote back: "Allah told them to kill the children, therefore, it is okay."  This statement tells me we are handling the terrorist issue wrong.

I never see any people of Islamic faith condemn what the terrorist do, because the Koran states that those who are not Islamic, must be killed. Therefore, why not hurt them where it hurts the most.  Not by war, these are terrorist cowards, they hide, then kill the innocent.

We have to show them that Allah is weak, and can't help them when in trouble.
I'd blow up Mecca and that black stone they worship, it's only a meteorite, nothing given to them by Allah. That would make them furious, so blow up, or implode Medina, where Mohammed is buried, then take out all the holy places and
mosques, until Islam blames the terrorist for their grief.  The purpose is to show them Allah is weak, and there is nothing great about their jealous God. 
To destroy a holy place is nothing compared to a murdered child; this method would also save the lives of a lot of soldiers.

John Sullivan

American’s sorrow

I am an ordinary American who weeps with the people of Beslan in their sorrow. I find it almost incomprehensible that Western Journalists fail to label the despicable acts perpetrated on Russian children anything but terrorism carried out by the same cabal of Islamic fascists that have murdered innocents around the world. The gathering cloud of evil which is terrorism threatens civilization itself.  This American supports the Russian people and government taking actions they deem necessary to rid themselves from this cancer. I only hope our countries can work together in this battle. God Bless you in your efforts.


Bruce Burton

Beslan tragedy

Beslan is a grim reminder that what Russia needs now is a great leader, who can deal with courage and great political vision with the Chechen issue. Similarly to de Gaulle in 1953, when he finished Algerian war not by fighting but by pulling out of Algeria.
Otherwise, countless more lives will be lost for no god cause.
Mike Alexander

Sorry to hear of your lose

Like you, we lost a lot of people in the twin towers in New York City.  Loss is hard no matter how it happens, but its even harder when your loved ones die as a result of terrorism.  Please know in your heart that millions of americans are praying for you all right now. May god be with you, and may you find peace some day.

Youre in our thoughts and prayers,

God Bless


My heart goes out to the children, parents and citizens of Beslan and Russia. Terrorist activities are meant to tear down the connections we have as civilized people the world over. Please, join with the United States in fighting the barbaric, medieval assassins who commit these acts. This is not about US power or imperialism. It is about civilization and what we stand for as we join with other people in resistance to radically disconnected hate mongers who would love to bring us all down to the level they impose on their own people. May you
heal, and may you persevere against the perpetrators of this atrocity.

Robert Wood

Deep sympathy

Dear Editors,
I sit here and think for a long time for the words to say, for the thoughts to share, to somehow convey the terrible pain in my heart over the tragedy in Beslan.

I think about the funeral I attended today for a young 15 year old boy, a boy I never knew. I am a friend of his oldest brother. That doesn't express it.

I think about losing my own father when I was 17. That doesn't cover it.

I think about my grandfather dying in a traffic accident coming to see me on my 7th birthday. That can't come close.

Nothing can compare to the intense pain that the people of Beslan must be going through.

My heart breaks and I wish these few words were a hug to each person there.

Know that all around the world, people are so very very sorry for the incredible pain and sorrow you are going through and must somehow live through. I send only positive thoughts that healing can happen.

Angel Heinemann
Wausau, Wisconsin


My prayers, and my heart goes out to all who suffered a loss at the school.
How horrible; my family and I cannot even imagine the pain the families are experiencing. Find the bastards responsible and put them away forever.

Steve Kasserman
Gresham, Oregon, USA


This is one patriotic American citizen who absolutely supports Putin in his efforts to wipe out the terrorists in Chechnya, despite the position taken by my government.  We have common ground here, and we should build on that as civilized nations.  The Islamic terrorists who would execute innocent children and the religious zealots and clerics who encourage such despicable acts, need to be purged from the roles of humanity.

Slaughter in Beslan

Dear Editor:

The heinous murder of your innocent children by terrorist savages cannot go unpunished

I have carefully read the statements of Vladimir Putan.  I think I like what he says a lot better than what I hear from George Bush, Colin Powell and John Kerry.  

Can you imagine what the response would be if a pack of Mexican Terrorists decided to take over New Mexico, USA?  The Dogs of Hell would come.  So they should in Chechnya too.   

These Islamics have risen from the Dark Ages.  Saudi, Irag, Syria, Iran... fanaticism and violence is a way of life.  They teach it, they preach it and they do it. 

Who said a Mosque hiding Islamic Troops was "off limits?"  Not in my play book.

Hooray for Vladimir Putan and his strong language.  Let's hope he get their attention.

B. Farls
South Florida, USA

From the USA

Hi!  I live in Muskegon, Michigan in the USA.  I just wanted to extend my condolences to all the people of the Soviet Union over the recent terrorist attacks on the school children and others.  I pray for all of you daily.  As 9/11 changed Americans forever, you will find that this attack will have changed all of you also.  I am so very sorry that all of us have to go through something like this.  We are all brothers and sisters in this war against terrorism, even though we don't want to be in it------aren't we?
As I said, I pray for all of you daily and hope that the citizens and families will soon find comfort and start the healing process.   


American involvement in Chechnya?

Surely, the blood of these innocent children and
families cry out from the ground to God. Let me add my
voice to those protesting this heinous evil and
supporting those grieving over the loss of their loved
ones. If Americans are involved in any way in
supporting this foul rebellion, Putin should expose
the evidence, so we can remove them from their
government positions and send them to Iran to enjoy
the fundamental Islamist way of life they are

Dale Shearon
Tallahassee, Fl

No UN approval needed!

Dear friends of Russia,

In the past weeks, great tragedies from the airplanes being taken down and the massacre of men, women and children in a city that most if not all Americans knew about. The rest of the world wonder what well happen next. I know there is great sadness because of these tragedies of your nation.

The world knows now what type of people do these things. They call themselves the followers of Muhammad in the faith called Islam. I am not follower of Islam but a follower of a Rabbi born in Bethlehem.  I know enough that what those individuals did was against all faiths.

The individuals who were from Chechnya must be punished. The people from the “Arabic” nations must be found and find out where they are from. With that information and without “United Nations” approval, the Russian government must take action.


William Mark Clarke
Las Vegas Nevada

To the Russian people

Words are meaningless trying to express my sorrow in your loss.  Your President Putin is right, this is your 9/11, but only more horrific, in my opinion.  What kind of mind not only conceives, but also carries out, such barbaric acts on children?  ON CHILDREN!!!

Welcome to The Clash of Civilizations, Russia.  Like America, you didn’t start this war, but you’ll be among those who will put an end to it.  And this American will support whatever response you folks feel necessary, despite what my government says about freedom fighters, differing points of view, yadda, yadda.  My dear God, torturing children….I’d give a rabid dog with more compassion than these muslim animals.

Do what you feel you have to do, Russia.

Joe from Phoenix, AZ

Sympathies for Beslan

Dear Russian people,
With teary eyes & a heavy hearts , millions of Americans watched the heartbreaking pictures of the atrocities committed by the Islamic extremist Chechnyans in Beslam...
I want Russians to know that you have millions of sympathizers & friends in America  that support the Russian people in their war against the terrorists...
It was a huge misfortune, that both our governments wasted so many years, effort & money, executing a wasteful &  unnecessary cold war, when our governments should have been seeking dйtente & uncovering  the world wide plot by  militant Islamic Nazi's to take over the planet by suicidal nuclear blackmail ...
I don't fully understand why Russia would want to keep those rogue Chechnyans within Russian borders, but I'm sure you must have your security reasons...
However, it seems to me, that as long as you allow  these cult driven madmen to remain within your borders, they'll continue to present grave internal dangers to your citizens forever....
Russians & Americans must band together in friendship & cooperation in a final Crusade to crush & eliminate the world-wide militant Islamic movement once & for all, so we can all enjoy the peace, friendship & prosperity that the end of the cold war was supposed to bring...
Good luck, my Russian friends,
Lee / Columbus Ohio USA

Open letter to President Putin and Russian people

Dear Mr. Putin  - and all Russian people ! 

What has happened on Friday, Sept. 2nd 2004, has deeply shaken my emotions and feelings – and I can’t believe any longer in mankind as I thought it is/was. I never thought that anything like this terrible, cruel, merciless slaughter, the raping of school girls, the mutilation of babies could be perpetrated by any human being.  

I deeply feel with your families that were directly hurt by this inhuman terror and I want to express my warmest feelings to all the Russian people, as this was worse than anybody could imagine in his worst nightmares. 

I am German. We Germans have done a lot of pain, in the past, to the Russian people. For this reason I want to emphasize my deep and warm feelings that I feel towards the Russian people. I want the Russian People to know that I cried like a little boy when I saw on TV their children murdered, physically and psychologically mutilated for the rest of their lives – and I am crying now, while I am writing to you and the Russian people. I am a mature man, 58 years old – but I cry like a little boy for and with you Russian people. 

I send you my unconditioned love and sympathy ! 


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