German Cordoba: A racial bomb is ticking in America

I would like to make some comments on the reply's from Charles Fargo of a "racial time bomb ticking in America". I agree fully with him, we in America discriminate agaist everyone, anyone  including Russians, many came to America and have to change their family names in order to make it. That is the reason why we have enclaves of nacionalities in many cities, like little Odessa in New Jersey, where only Russians live, Queens in New York where only Hispanics live, and the same in allmost all mayor metropolitan areas in the country.

This is not new, when the English came to America they killed all the Indians, and until recently all films from Hollywood just showed how good it was to kill Indians. They forgot that Indians are the only native Americans. We just hang Negroes in the South until 40 years ago. I do belive some day we are going to have a big comflict in the country because of race...

I do agree with Catherine Perkins how the press manipulates the people, the amount of propaganda given to us the American people was amazing, like Catherine mention we thought all the Russian woman were fat, old and without teeth, what a surprise was when I discovered, all the contrary that you have the most beautiful women in the world and that the fat people is the ones that we have here in America. And there was many distorsions, maybe Frank Feeders do not remenber this. He mentions that he just discovered PRAVDA, six months
ago and he hopes that you make it as a newspaper, Frank,
where have you been PRADVA has been around probably longer that you have. As for the freedom of expression in our newspapers, think again...Frank..every piece of news is censored or just not published. We close the newspapers in Irak, the ones that were not friendly to us. All major newspapers in America are owned by a major corporation and only serves the bottom line. Think how many newspapers in America will publish a letter from you. I found PRADVA easy to read, informative and for the dislike of America, I don't think so, is naive to think that everyone in the world have to love us Americans all the time, I suggest to Frank to travel a little bit and see how we Americans are loved (or hated) in most countries.

German Cordoba

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova