Catine E. Perkins: Basis of US society in danger RESPONSE

Dear Editors:
This mode of writing is so familiar to me. This article sounds like some of our newspapers expressing a sameness about the Soviets, now Russia, again!

Granted, newspaper language has no soul but yet, a truth that is not a truth cannot be transcribed in any nation.

Admittedly, our collective moral compass is out of sinc but is this not human nature? We Americans dust ourselves off and reinvent outselves from time to time. So one must think in terms of a Spirit of the American People and a Spirit of the Russian People, which differ in many areas but also have an affinity for each other. This is why I deeply believe in this people contact with each other.  What a difference in attitude, since Gorbachev opened up the window of change, between these two nations, of bumbling giants.

Since I do not understand opinions, as such, also facts do not stand alone..... for what precedes the facts is utmost, I can only deal with impressions in this area.

As a woman, I must add that Raisa Gorbachev must be lauded, in her efforts, to bring about an understanding between our two nations. Subliminal but she was very effective.

Having said that, giving percentages on how Americans feel or think is an emptyness that our newspapers use. How can this be? Polls? They are invalid and change from day to day so where is the reality in this? The American People, liken to Russians, are so busy trying to make ends meet, feed their families that this type of reporting is an insult to most readers. Yet, this hypocracy is continual with newspapers.

Remember also, (if newspaper language has a memory)  the illusions that have been built up between the two nations, has been changed to a reality, on both sides of the pond, so to say. Publicity is the name of the game in America and Madison Avenue churns on and on but then, we do allow this "fake instant greatness" seemingly, go in one ear and out the other. In short, we become immuned, as a rule, but not all, mind you, but the majority.  Russian People? The descriptive adjectives only differ but there is a human sameness.

Remember also, that historically, even Czarist Russia was misunderstood by the Western Civilization and, especially, in America. There are infinite reasons for this, which, probably, could not be covered by a newspaper but it would be, of importance, to understand some of these reasons.

In actuallity, playing one human against the other, even on village level, brings about a mass of negative vibrations, which is not any different among nations. A very negative and dire characteristic.

So your article brought back a memory to me that our newspapers presented about the Soviet People. Firstly, the photographs were mostly of old women, usually toothless, in a dire empty shop. One newspaper, on the West Coast would not allow their photographer to show attractive scenes of Soviet
children and such. Thus, later upon the opening by Gorbachev, he published a book of his photographs.

The point I am trying to make is this type of newspaper "brainwashing" does much damage to ALL concerned thus, liken to lying, which is a corrosive acid.

You can imagine my first trip to Moscow in 1993, when I saw these beautiful people, so seemingly subterraneously, intact, along with all ages that filled the church service, I realized, the tricks these images play on humanity.

I remember subscribing to the Soviet Literature, at one time, getting a box number in a city, so I would not be a suspect of sorts, (a hate virus is a hate virus where ever) and utterly amazed at truly great writing. They were worthy of saving and I still cherish them.

This is your chance Pravda, to bring some understanding between these two nation, of which, one, I belong to by heritage and one, by birth. You should be able to have material profit by this approach thus please,stay with the "TRUTH", as much as it is humanily possible, for a newspaper.

Perhaps, we should try to figure out, how to put a ball and chain on a world that has gone mad, where ever the place maybe.

Catine E. Perkins
Bastrop, Tx

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova