Charles Fargo: America is its own biggest threat

In reading PRAVDA.Ru article "Basis of US society in danger", much in that article I can agree with.  As an American citizen,
from day to day I see and hear much of what is in his article.  In your mentioning Latinos, which here in America political correctness is to call them Hispanics. Generally we do not look upon them as Colombian drug traders.  The general out look is of Latinos from Mexico illegally in America, working at the low wage jobs, then sending the money they earn home to Mexico.

To continue, in agreeing with Mr. Nesterovs article.  Many White Americans do have the tendency to look down their noses at ethinc groups that are not white Americans or American born, period.  Recently, I have had tho oppourtunity to move to Virginia. A southeastern state in the US. Where the
state was one of the Confederate States of America, during our civial war during the 1860's.  To say the least, at five and six generations after the civial war. Many southerners still live the civial war and treat the northerners, they call yankees, like most Americans treat ethinic groups. As sub-standard citizens.  The southern state citizens tend to try to push the
yankees into lower paying jobs they do not wish to work at themselves. These jobs are left to Latinos and Black African Americans also.  As many of the Confederate sons think, they do not like the fact that a yankee comes south and does not go home.  To include much of the southern hospitality is the
good ole boy club.  They tend not to treat Black Africans as equals, where Black Africans are decendents of the slavery that was abolished at the end of our civil war.  Still using the ethnic slur, Nigger. Which is not done in the presence of Black Africans.

Yet where the real danger in American society is, are the citizens that keep to themselves.  Those that are tired of the antics of the servants running the country. They may in time revolt against the overbearing servants that are taking freedoms a small piece at a time.  Recently as the Home Sercurity Act under George W. Bush has done so in some cases.  Those that do believe in a free democratic America do treat ethnic groups as equals.  In closing may I state: In my opinion.  America is its own biggest threat.  Within its society is a cancer of ethnic unrest.  In time it will fester and break
free.  Here in America we will experence a revolution no man will be able to comprehend.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova