Let me inform the obviously un-informed what is going on in the world

Mr. Akhtyrov, there's something wrong with being wrong

1. Iraq violated UN demands. For over 10 years.
2. Iraq's president patterned himself after Stalin. (Remember your statues falling?)
3. Iraq has been firing at British and US aircraft patrolling the no-fly zone for years
4. The U.S. is not looking for empires. Only human rights. Is Russia?
5. Why would the U.S. risk lives to do something not worthwhile?
6. The U.S. did what it had to do, in the face of potential FSU weapons. And we still did it.
7. Russians are still angry at their defeat in Afghanistan
8. If the Iraqis used WPD, we would respond in kind. Over and over.
9. Where was Russia, in the defense of the Iraqi regime? AK-47s and RPGs? Try again.
10. The weapons sold by Russia are ineffective. Try again. Give them to another viscous dictator. See what happens.
11. A hijacked CANDID smashes into the Kremlin. What would YOU do? Oh, that's right. It didn't happen... why didn't it?
12. The ecstatic Iraqis, free of their dictator, have YOU, Russia, to thank for that. Right. You did nothing to let that happen. You'll be mad about that, so be mad. Remember when Stalin died in 1953? Well, I think the Iraqis shouldn't have to wait for their despot to die.
13. Mr. Akhtyrov, there's nothing wrong with being patriotic. There's something wrong with being wrong. 

David Bolender

[email protected]


Author`s name Olga Savka