Memo To Trump: Scorch the Earth – Part 2

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When someone says "Time Flies" the listener never quite appreciates the velocity. If this week is any indication for you Don, matters are approaching Mach speed.

On Wednesday the House of Representatives began to argue the merits of impeaching you once more. (Left unmentioned, their primary motive of making sure your political obituary begins "The only President to be impeached two times...")

So listen up Big Guy because if you thought you didn't have many moments to spare on Thursday morning you surely don't have a second to squander this Friday afternoon.

Hard Times Make Hard Men

Alright, we had some fun during our previous interlude but be warned - Everything last time was general mayhem and merrymaking. This is the heavy lifting.

Step 4 - End Birthright Citizenship...The Pen is Mightier than the (Thieving) Migrant

Contrary to popular myth - and all "News Media" these days is myth - there is nothing in the United States Constitution about birthright citizenship. It comes from Dicta, not legally binding language in the margins of Supreme Court cases, which through the years has gained the mystique of law. Even then, such judicial ramblings only significantly occurred during a 1982 case.

In other words, you can end this farce the same way as with your Pardon power - by using your pen.

If Obama can sign away virtual citizenship to a gang of thieving Illegal Invaders with underage offspring in tow then you can do the same thing with birthright citizenship.

There are rumors of dozens of Migrant Caravans already forming to come get the giveaways from The Great Pretender next month. So put them to a halt dead in their tracks.

The Dreamer Schemers

Closely associated with this are the Dreamer Schemers which King Barry conferred de facto citizenship upon - stolen from the American populace - with the use of his own pen.

You can undo what Obama has done just as easily and just as legitimately. If Barack can sign robbers and liars into citizens then you can sign them right back into being kicked out of our country.

Every few years there is a sensational court case regarding works of art stolen from Jews by the Nazis during World War Two. Each time the West has decided such items must be returned to their rightful owners despite it being "no fault of their own" that the Nazi descendants inherited a Degas or Klimt.

Anyone who argues the Dreamer Schemers deserve to keep their own stolen goods (in the form of American residency or citizenship) is therefore likewise a Nazi sympathizer with Fascistic tendencies.

Or in the terms of a Layman rather than some Lawyer...No one need apologize for shoving unwanted guests out into the cold - Especially when they arrived to steal your silverware.

The Dreamer Schemers should be mass deported immediately, which is still too good for too many of them who have been pilfering American resources for the past twenty years.

Step 5 - Revoke the Patent on Insulin...From Hell's Heart You Must Stab At Thee

We've already been through this issue so there is no need to lay out the pertinent facts once again.

Yet, succinctly - Americans did not invent Insulin, Americans have repeatedly "revised" patents on Insulin which are 80 years overdue to expire, Americans charge 1000% over cost-to-produce Insulin, Americans may be intentionally compromising children through rBGH to create a market for Insulin.

Price for Eli Lilly Co. to manufacture Insulin is $70 a year...Eli Lilly Co. extorts $7000 a year from sufferers.

There is no rational argument not to immediately revoke every patent in the United States on Insulin.

Over 1 in 10 Americans are diabetic so this would create a mass movement of popularity for you - but none of your tripe about "lowering prescription costs to historic levels" for something which costs next to nothing to produce - there should be zero charge and every humane human knows it.

To the extent your advisors may argue this would bankrupt American pharmaceutical conglomerates or disrupt the stock market...tell them to go to blazes. If the American economy relies on deliberately injuring children it needs to be destroyed.

As for the unfathomably moronic who would argue "philosophy" or "free markets" there is only one reply - There is no such thing as political philosophy when it comes to political expediency.

Beyond that, what matter is "philosophy" in the face of such monstrous behavior? I, and you Don, should care about only one single solitary thing - What Works. What is best for our People. What is the best for Humanity. This is not it.

And if purposefully poisoning children to create a "market" for disease is "freedom and democracy" then there is no place for either in this country or in this world.

Revoke all existing and future patents on Insulin by Executive Order. Whether it would be legally binding or not is immaterial.

The essential aspect is that to undo it Biden would have to reintroduce crushing medical bills onto 35 million Americans and explain to them the reason for their anguish was to ensure Big Pharma profits.

Sign a Presidential Decree to annul all patents on Insulin for perpetuity. Do it - now - yesterday, in fact.

Step 6 - War With Iran...No Seriously, Consider It

Coming from an avowed pacifist this one is as extreme as recommendations come, yet in the given circumstances...

It is clear from the Biden appointees we are going to war with someone, and that right quick. Some think Venezuela, though it is unlikely given the current geopolitical situation. Others think Belarus, which is not out of the question. Yet if one steps back, or rather toward, the brink there appears another candidate.

For all the bluster about Biden being in bed with China it may well be the opposite is true. While current Coronavirus hysteria seems as much as anything else to bring the living standards of the West down to a level with those of the rest of the world, making massive wealth transference from the Middle Class to the Upper Class, as well as establishing wholesale revocation of all Civil Liberties...there is one obstacle.

China, and to a lesser extent Russia, are the final pillars remaining to be toppled before the Great Reset.

If we concede that to be the case, we can look for other signs of things to come. Such as the Falun Gong atrocity stories endlessly circulating. Such as American involvement in the Hong Kong Uprising. Such as the Taiwan appeals for international action against their neighbor. Such as border conflict with India.

It might begin to seem that China is surrounded on every side as well as attacked from every angle.

Needless to say, as President you likely have much more reliable Intelligence than any of us outside the Oval Office. Perhaps this assessment is far off base. Then again, maybe not.

If there is any substantial proof Biden intends action against China the play for you is to start something with Iran - not due any belligerence with the latter but to avoid worse devastation by the former.

The stark reality is it would be better for the world if there was an American v. Iran War than an American v. China War - less loss of life, less extensive damage, less risk of global destruction.

It is not something to be undertaken lightly though it is a course worthy of reflection.

Final Thoughts - You May Not Do Everything, But Damn You If You Do Not Do Something

We won't dwell on your faults or your failures, Don. You should have been better than you were. Still, you have a moment in time which is not quite finished.

Like most of your generation you seem to think you are never going to "pass this mortal coil" but you will. When the very last breath is leaving our lunges I can absolutely guarantee the very last thing we all hope to be thinking is, "Well, I screwed up just about everything in my life...but I did do that one Great Thing..."

Above are listed Six Great Things you can do to account for yourself - You only have to choose One of them.

Guy Somerset writes from somewhere in America

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Author`s name Guy Somerset