Trump and environmental terrorism

Trump is a danger to Planet Earth

Trophy Hunting: Talking some sense into Trump and the USA

So it transpires that Trump Junior murdered and mutilated an elephant in Africa and that Trump Senior even considered reversing a ban on elephant remains brought back to the good ol' US of A after the animals have been slaughtered in their own habitat by some unspeakable bloodthirsty American psychopathic nutcase.

Quite obviously, either Trump Senior has no control over what Trump Junior does, in which case if he is incapable of controlling his own son, how can he be expected to govern his country, or else he agrees that it is acceptable to murder and mutilate animals after they are slaughtered. Mutilate, yes because after murdering the elephant, Trump Junior cut off its tail then held it up fopr the cameras with a stupid expression on his snout. Apologies to animals with snouts.

After the international media took the case up last weekend, only then did the Trump administration claim it had intended to lift a ban on the import of elephant trophies to the United States of America from Zambia and Zimbabwe because these two countries had well-managed and sustainable elephant populations. A cynical, shitfacedly arrogant claim. Less than half a century ago there were 200,000 elephants in Zambia. Now there are around 21,000, so if that is sustainable, a ninety-percent wipeout in 45 years, then the Trump administration is lying through its teeth.

In Zimbabwe, baby elephants are trapped by Government officials and are sold to zoos. So if the super-rich elite from the United States of America can find nothing better to do with their money than travel overseas, murder animals and mutilate their bodies, then perhaps somebody had better do something about it. It appears the USA learnt nothing from the outcry over that sicko who tortured Cecil the Lion to death and then claimed that the money he paid for the experience was good for other lions because it paid for conservation.

The same argumentation that serial pedophiles use

This sort of justification is the same sort of hateful self-righteous nonsense used by serial pedophiles who justify their sickening practices by claiming that the children involved asked for it and enjoyed being abused. Changing the law, or even thinking about changing the law, to accommodate the warped, perverted and deviant desires of failures who obtain pleasure out of murdering animals and cutting up their bodies, just about says it all about Trump Senior, let alone Trump Junior.

So perhaps it is time for someone to read the riot act to the person inhabiting the White House. Does Trump know, for instance, that we are exterminating animals faster than we are discovering them? Does he know that the larger African animals are being hunted to extinction? Does he not understand that it is impossible to control poaching while psychopathic bastards from his own country spend their money travelling to Africa to murder and torture? This is not a stone's throw away from the movies called Hostel.

And as regards climate change, perhaps someone should inform him that this planet is sick. The rivers are drying up, water is becoming more and more scarce, most roadways that exist today in and between cities were built on dried-uprivers, and many contain their names, a symptom that fresh water is disappearing. And if sea water is more plentiful it is because the polar ice caps are melting, because the Earth is getting warmer.

One only has to read the theory of the Serbian Professor Milutin Milankovic, linking the Earth's climate to cyclical changes in the Earth's tilt, over a predictable span of years, creating ocean currents sich as El Niño and La Niña, in turn creating weather cycles over 25,000 and 50,000 year cycles, in tune with the natural change in the tilt of the Earth's axis and then confront this theory with the exponential spike seen since the Industrial Revolution, to see that something is going seriously wrong. What used to be cyclical is now out of control.

Waiting for the Mars effect. It will happen

But Donald Trump could not care less because in twenty years' time, he will probably be dead and buried. How would he feel however if future generations blame his intransigence on the fact that our planet has probably already reached the point of no return, that southern Europe is becoming an extension of the Sahara Desert, that water has disappeared from some areas of Portugal and has to be delivered in trucks, that vast swathes of habitat are being destroyed to make way for palm oil, that orang-utangs are falling, burnt, from trees because the forests are being destroyed? How would he feel if his great-grandchildren were among the generation that wakes up one day and finds that our planet has reached the same fate as Mars and that we tipped the atmosphere so far that it disappeared almost overnight?

If he is the sort of person that contemplates changing the law to allow his son to bring home the mutilated parts of an elephant that he has murdered, and if he thinks it is acceptable that the son of the POTUS sets this sort of example by running around Africa murdering animals, then it follows that he probably could not care less.

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