An Open Letter to Donald Trump - Part I

Dear Mr. Donald Trump:

In the wake of Barack Obama's farewell address, everyone is looking ahead to your coming Presidency.

You are about to take the oath in a few days to become the 45th President of the United States.  

By Mary H. Pennington

So many entrenched power blocs want to ruin or neutralize your Presidency, they know you could, if you succeed with your vision for making America Great Again, go down as not only one of the greatest Presidents in the history of the United States, but one of the greatest leaders of modern history.

Your use of Twitter and Facebook is brilliant.  Bypassing the jackals of the corporate press is genius.  And, the people love it.  The transparency is so bold and keep the public informed with your truth and not through the distorted lens of the media.

The more the press hates your social media communiques, and the more other powerful voices beg you to stop, that's all the more proof that you should continue, and ramp it up.

Your recent decision to move White House press conferences from the West Wing to a room that will allow several hundred journalists to attend, including bloggers, is pure genius in breaking up the influence of the "old guard" Big Media, whose newsrooms (as opposed to talk show hosts) seem to coordinate both what news stories they emphasize, and how they analyze them - everyday.

Also, consider establishing, or have someone establish for you, a 24-hour internet news TV station/website to promote and explain your programs and objectives as you go, and to answer the attacks from all sides. This will especially be necessary to prevail on election reform, monetary reform, an attempt at a constructive agreement in the Mideast, and changing the landscape of grassroots organizing in the USA to really "drain the swamp" - all subjects in parts I and II of this Open Letter.

1. Stay safe by Focusing on the Usual Suspects who may try to harm you

When Governor George Wallace was shot during his 1972 Presidential bid, the American Independent Party nominated Congressman John Schmitz of California to run in his place. Schmitz also held very conservative views minus the racist baggage, and garnered over 1 million votes in the November election. During the campaign, someone in the press asked Schmitz what was the first thing he would do if he became President. Schmitz replied: "Increase the security around the President."

And that's what you must continue to do, Mr. Trump. Keep and increase the number of body guards around you who are YOUR people. I.e. people who you knew to be loyal to you long before you decided to run for President. Ignore objections from the Big Media, or even from the Secret Service itself.

While Secret Service agents are undoubtedly devoted to their mission of protecting the President, it only takes one bad apple to open the path to an assassination attempt.

The US Secret Service was historically, somewhat surprisingly, under the Treasury Department until 2003 when it was transferred to operating under the Department of Homeland Security.

There is significant research which indicates that the protection that should have been afforded President John F. Kennedy in Dallas on November 22, 1963 broke down. For one thing, in the ten-hour video documentary "Evidence of Revision", there is a section depicting Secret Service Special Agent Don Lawton being ordered not to ride the passenger side rear bumper of Kennedy's limousine (in Dallas) by Assistant Agent In Charge, Emory Roberts. This is all the more quizzical since Special Agent Lawton stood on the passenger side rear bumper for 28 miles on Kennedy's car as he rode around Tampa, Florida four days earlier.

Jim Bishop wrote in his famous book, "The Day Kennedy Was Shot", "No one wanted to weigh the possibilities that, if a Secret Service man had been on the left (sic) rear bumper going down Elm Street, it would have been difficult to hit President Kennedy [from behind]." In depth information on this subject can be found here:

Dr. James H. Fetzer, Ph.D., retired Professor, University of Minnesota at Duluth, made a disturbing case in his 1998 book, Assassination Science, that the Secret Service played a significant role in the JFK assassination: "I have discovered at least fifteen indications of Secret Service complicity in the assassination of John F. Kennedy, from the absence of protective military presence to a lack of coverage of open windows, to motorcycles out of position, to Secret Service agents failing to ride on the Presidential limousine, to the vehicles arranged in an improper sequence, to the utilization of an improper motorcade route, to the driver bringing the vehicle to a halt after bullets began to be fired, to the almost total lack of response by Secret Service agents, to the driver washing out the back seat with a bucket and sponge at Parkland Hospital, to the car being dismantled and rebuilt (on LBJ's orders), to the driver giving false testimony to the Warren Commission, to the windshields being switched, to the autopsy photographs being taken into custody before they were developed."

Beyond these questions revolving around Secret Service conduct on the day of the Kennedy assassination, the Big Media in the USA - from CBS to CNN to the New York Times et al -- has lost the battle to independent researchers regarding the Warren Commission. While the Big Media has strained every nerve to convince the American people for the last fifty years that the Warren Commission was credible, survey after survey shows a Landslide" majority of the public, sometimes 90% plus, do not believe that Lee Harvey Oswald was a lone gunman.

Before he died, attorney Vincent Bugliosi, famous for his prosecution of Charles Manson, wrote a 1500-page tome published in 2007 entitled, "Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy". Apparently Bugliosi never saw a piece of planted evidence he didn't like.


Who was Bugliosi trying to reclaim history from? Why, it was from a deep bench of meticulous, independent researchers including Mark Lane (Rush to Judgement;  Plausible Denial: Was the CIA involved in the assassination of JFK? ), David Lifton (Best Evidence), Jim Marrs (Crossfire), L. Fletcher Prouty (JFK: The CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy) and Michael Collins Piper (Final Judgement: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy).

 All of these researchers indict the dark side of one or more US intelligence agencies. The speculated motives include JFK's statement that he would smash the CIA into a thousand pieces, his intention to pull out of Vietnam, and his issuing of $5 billion of US twenty dollar bills backed by silver (as opposed to Federal Reserve Notes) in June of 1963, hastily ordered withdrawn from circulation by LBJ shortly after Kennedy was murdered.

 But Michael Collins Piper goes further. In "Final Judgement" Piper indicts the dark side of Israel's intelligence agency, the Mossad. Piper marshals impressive evidence that JFK was refusing to help Israel or any other nation in the Mideast get nuclear bombs. Kennedy felt that if nuclear bombs ever went off in that small area, the region may become uninhabitable for years, decades, or longer. LBJ also reversed this policy after he assumed the Presidency.

 This book, "Final Judgement" by Mike Piper is one that you must read personally, Mr. Trump. Before he passed away last year, Piper stated near the end of a 3-hr interview available on YouTube that unspecified members of the Kennedy family had contacted him to express their appreciation for this research.

 JFK Jr. carried a piece in his "George Magazine" in March of 1997 exploring the evidence that Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated in 1995 by a conspiracy, not a lone nut. Powerful factions feared that this was a prelude to JFK Jr. raising questions about his own Father's assassination. JFK Jr.'s plane went down in 1999, amidst sharply conflicting reports on the facts and circumstances surrounding that crash.

 In Shakespeare's "Hamlet", first published in 1603, King Hamlet seemingly dies in his sleep, but his son discovers he was given a dose of poison in his ear.

 And, information that seems much stranger than fiction is covered in books and videos such as "Targeted Individuals" by Richard Lighthouse. This book describes modern-day sophisticated attacks against individuals which experts say can cause heart failure and other fatal or debilitating results. Lighthouse bases his book on information and testimony from such investigators as Dr. Barrie Trower, retired British military scientist, author Dr. John Hall M.D., and Oxford-educated scientist, Dr. Katherine Horton, among others. NSA whistleblowers William Binney and Kirk Weibe recently announced their support for "Targeted Individuals."


In other words, there are more ways to hurt or kill a President or political leader than by a bullet.

 So, let me address the dark side of the relevant intelligence agencies, whose names may be known to the public, or unknown: if anyone takes a shot at President Trump, NO ONE is going to believe it is a lone nut this time. And any other type of sudden death or extreme illness visited upon President Trump during his term or terms will NOT be viewed as a natural phenomenon by hundreds of millions in America and around the world, including myself.

 In a few days, you are about to be the only President since John Kennedy to call out the CIA publicly. JFK fired CIA Director Allen Dulles the day after the Bay of Pigs disaster, vowing to smash the CIA into 1000 pieces. (The CIA was only 14 years old at that point, having been started in 1947.) Millions of Americans are discussing on the internet and face to face that they fear for your life because you are publicly clashing with the current CIA Director and other elements in the intelligence agencies. Put your own people in control of these agencies as quickly as possible. 

 Perhaps it would be a deterrent to any contemplating such nefarious action if a new, independent investigative agency under the President was instituted for immediately investigating any attempted attacks on the President. It would be known that such an agency would be spring-loaded to look past any planted evidence and contrived "official cover story" - and find out what really happened. 

2. Reshaping the Fed and the Economy

 Mr. Trump, if you become the man who finally updates how new money is issued into circulation in the United States of America in this Age of Plenty - in this era of astounding computer and technological advances - then you will go down not only as the greatest of US presidents.  

But, if you allow the outdated and obsolete dinosaurs and vultures at the Federal Reserve Board to continue to issue new money into circulation for our nation as debt money, operating largely in the dark, then they will stunt or destroy your Presidential legacy - or worse. 

 We are living in an age of plenty - an era of physical abundance only dreamed of by mankind for the last 6000 years of recorded history.

 But, tragically, we are at least 110 years behind the times in the way we are issuing new money into circulation. Everything began to be taken to a new level when Henry Ford introduced mass production of cars circa 1905, quickly copied by industry after industry, followed by new technological inventions of all kinds, then computers, and now robots.

 In our present circumstances, only a bold, visionary leader like yourself, Mr. Trump, can possibly succeed in properly and scientifically updating monetary policy to correspond with the "break neck speed" of the computer/technology age which is in full swing. What is needed is nothing less than a systemic change regarding the way new money is issued into circulation, breaking with a past dating all the way back to the appearance of the Bank of England circa 1696. It's time.

 The Old Guard will not go willingly or easily, but the advancement of mankind demands a new economics.

 And this ongoing technological progress of all kinds is about to explode upon mankind even more dramatically than ever before. McDonald's is talking about using robots to make Big Macs and Quarter Pounders within a few years. ATM machines are already decreasing the number of human bank tellers employed at local branches. Computers have for decades empowered one lone operator to do the work it used to take 100 people to do.

 A growing number of stories are appearing across the major media, on both major TV and radio stations, about the "problem" of inventions, robots, and increased computer power displacing human beings in the work force.

 On January 9, FOX's "Tucker Carlson tonight" featured a very smart interview with Tom Friedman of the New York Times about how these changes are happening faster than society is prepared to cope. In the last month, Tucker has also done two interviews on the coming of driverless cars, one with Columbia University Roboticist, Hod Lipson, and the other with Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, who is already experimenting with a driverless car program in his state. It turns out that driving cars or trucks for a living is the number one job in 29 states, and number two in several others.

 Carlson's repeated pleas in all three interviews to know if anyone was thinking about what was going to happen to all the people who are being thrown out of work because of new technologies - were met with handwringing and a vague optimism, bolstered only by hopeful speculation and wishful Happy Talk.

 It seems that no one with a big microphone has a clue about what to do in the face of all this real world progress.

 Thankfully, there is a solution that can be implemented immediately.

 A few men saw this day coming long ago. One of them was British engineer Clifford Hugh Douglas. He developed his economic system for the coming machine age back in 1917-18, calling it Social Credit (meaning the accruing benefit to mankind as the generations successively build civilization).

 In fact, Douglas's system was a new way of looking at things.  Vulture capitalism has not helped the masses of today.   The principles he espoused embodied the vision of Thomas Jefferson and the other Founding Fathers for free enterprise on a more even playing field. (Many today who see value in Douglas' principles prefer to call the system, American National Credit, or Canadian National Credit, Russian National Credit, etc.)

 In his 1931 Encyclical, Quadragesimo Anno (On Reconstruction of the Social Order), issued shortly after the beginning of the worldwide Great Depression which started in 1929 in the United States, Pope Pius XI warned that suffering caused by the concentration of wealth in the hands of too few at the top of a society will result in negative consequences for the poor and those in the middle.

 And Pius XI included this ominous observation:

 "In the first place, it is obvious that not only is wealth concentrated in our times but an immense power and despotic economic dictatorship is consolidated in the hands of a few . . . they regulate the flow, so to speak, of the life-blood whereby the entire economic system lives, and have so firmly in their grasp the soul, as it were, of economic life that no one can breathe against their will."

 If you watch FOX Cable News, CNN, or MSNBC, you would think Americans had two choices: Wall Street and its vulture capitalism, with more and more wealth accruing to "the 1%", or some scary socialism that has no bearing to reality. 


FOX favors Wall Street, and CNN and MSNBC lean towards socialism.


But free enterprise with a level playing field is not in the current Big Media equation. We are given the false choice of Wall Street's Vulture Capitalism or Socialism which is scary to many Americans. Maybe there is a middle path on the way to finding true equality for all.


The relatively sudden unholy concentration of wealth in the United States over the last few decades is documented in many books such as David DeGraw's "The Economic Elite vs. The People of the United States of America" (2010). Begin quote:


"The Economic Elite have engineered a financial coup and have brought war to our doorstep . . . and make no mistake, they have launched a war to eliminate the US middle class. . . . As mentioned before, just look at the first full year of the crisis [2008-2009] when workers lost an average of 25 percent off their 401k. During the same time period, the wealth of the 400 richest Americans increased by $30 billion, bringing their total combined wealth to $1.57 trillion, which is more than the combined net worth of 50% of the US population. Just to make this point clear, 400 people have more wealth than 155 million people combined." (End Quote)



It's the vultures on Wall Street and in banking at the level of Goldman-Sachs and the FED, who skim money out of the economy like parasites, who would be shut down under these new operating rules.  See "Flash Boys" by Michael Lewis, published 2014, about the rise of High Frequency Trading by super computers where insiders come into a stock for often less than a minute and take profit while contributing nothing to the economy. This same crowd is using their increased wealth and control of monetary policy against the great middle class, rather than advancing the common good.


Mr. Trump, you yourself highlighted this brilliantly in your Palm Beach, Florida campaign speech against the international bankers who were meeting in private with Hillary Clinton, paying her HUGE speaking fees, and supporting her Presidential campaign.


The basic unaddressed problem in today's world economy is that in each nation there is a growing gap between the real goods and services available to the public - and the amount of purchasing power in the hands of everyday people. This concept of the "gap" is explained well on the home page of


According to an October 2014 lecture series (available on YouTube) by Dr. M. Oliver Heydorn, Ph.D., official US government figures for 2008 showed a $14 trillion Gross National Product (GNP) but only about $8 trillion in purchasing power in circulation - a GAP of 6 trillion dollars for that year. For the same year, official Canadian government statistics showed $1.2 trillion Canadian GNP and only $770 billion in purchasing power in the pockets of the people. In both instances, only about 65% of the needed purchasing power was actually available to the consumers.


What to do?


Douglas proved 100 years ago that the needed purchasing power could never be put into circulation by wages alone, even before machines and computers started replacing so many jobs. The existence of social security payments, widespread unemployment benefits, and massive welfare payments - while the USA keeps running relatively smoothly - is proof that we do not need the entire work force any more to run the economic system, just as Douglas and others predicted.


Right this minute, the stores, car lots, etc. are bursting with products waiting to be purchased. Everyday people do not have sufficient purchasing power to buy even the immediately available goods and services.  The businesses want to sell more products. The customers want to buy. But the Federal Reserve Board is not doing the one thing any entity charged with issuing a nation's money exists to do: issue money in sufficient quantity to facilitate business and commerce. Instead the bankers behind the FED are skimming trillions off the top to implement their cabal's own agenda at the expense of the rest of mankind.


If we didn't have sufficient food, clothing, shelter, transportation, etc. - that would be a real problem. When the people do not have sufficient purchasing power to buy the physical goods that are readily available, that's an artificial problem created by those charged with issuing money into circulation.


Both Aristotle in ancient times and St. Thomas Aquinas 800 years ago noted that money was a man-made invention to facilitate the exchange of goods. To say that we can't issue money in sufficient quantity to make possible the purchase of all the goods and services readily available, would be like saying we can't build any new buildings or roads because we ran out of inches, or ran out of rulers.


If paper money (and now electronic money) is printed or issued in quantities much greater than the goods and services available, then runaway inflation results eventually. And if there is not sufficient money in circulation for the goods and services readily available, then economic stagnation results, as we are now experiencing in the United States and elsewhere around the world.


The solution is that we must have enough money in circulation, as scientifically determined by the best economists and mathematicians to equal as nearly as possible the goods and services available for purchase in any given quarter or calendar year.


Then we have a happy medium. Then we unleash human potential and progress. Then we avoid the absurd and artificially created "booms and busts" that have been the weaponized policy of the FED, the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and related international banks for the last 100 years.


Consider this passage from author Louis Even in his pamphlet, "The Money Myth Exploded": "Social Credit [American National Credit] considers realities. It refuses to be hypnotized by the halo with which finance has been surrounded.  The economic realities are, on one hand, the production; not only the existing production, but the production immediately possible, the production capacity; and they are, on the other hand, the human needs. Social Credit gives priority to the realities over the financial signs that are not realities, [and insists] that [these financial signs or figures] must simply represent, and faithfully represent, the realities."


As just about everyone knows, in the United States new money is issued into circulation by the Federal Reserve Board, listed in the phone book in the private company section near Federal Express, not in the government section. The FED, delegated its authority by Congress in 1913, issues new money as a debt, charging the people of the United States interest for printing their own money. Thus, in the most insane and sinister arrangement imaginable, the richer the USA becomes in real goods and services, the more the nation is plunged deeper into debt.


To remedy this problem, the United States arrangement with the Federal Reserve Board must be terminated, as is provided for in the original act. The FED must be replaced with a National Monetary Office, operating in the light of day under Congress.


This new agency would be like the census bureau for economic activity, cataloging GNP and money in circulation, with heavy penalties for anyone falsifying numbers, and heavy rewards for the auditors who uncover such fraud. (This new National Monetary Office would be constantly audited by both the Government Accountability Office, or GAO, an investigative arm of Congress - and several of the best private auditing companies.)


When the GAP is determined for any particular year, then a DIVIDEND is issued to every adult in the nation to fill the gap, i.e., to put enough purchasing power into the pockets of everyday people to catch up with the real goods and services available. Some who study these things say that right now the gap is about $6 trillion per year, so to fill this gap would require that about $1600 per month would be sent as a dividend to every adult in the USA.


Many will remember that both W. Bush and Obama each issued a $300 check to every adult in the USA one time in each of their administrations. What was this but a DIVIDEND? But it was woefully insufficient for what is actually needed to fill the gap in light of today's production. 


The state of Alaska has sent a dividend to Alaskans in many years based on excess oil revenue. In 2015 every qualified Alaskan received a check for $2072, in a total disbursement of $1.3 billion.


Is the Dividend at odds with free enterprise on an even playing field?


A 1939 study undertaken by the Catholic Bishops of Quebec, Canada determined that the Dividend was not inconsistent with the free enterprise system. One reason given was that each person could spend his or her dividend each month as each saw fit, with no centralized planning. The Dividend  but is new money issued into circulation based new goods and services available for purchase. (Many other writers on the Dividend from various backgrounds came to the same conclusion as the Bishops in Canada.)


What about Gold and Silver in relation to paper and electronic money?


Gold and silver are two of the goods that give paper money its value, but a very small part of the picture. It's the food, the shelter, the clothing, the computers, the cars, the cell phones, etc., and literally millions of other products and services, which give paper or electronic money its value. If all the gold and silver was shot into space, paper money would still have its value based on all the other goods and services.


Paper or electronic money is a ticket for goods and services, issued by a trusted source, such as the United States government (even through an authorized agent, like the FED).


If only gold and silver were left on earth, with no food, etc., money would become worthless as we all starved to death in a few weeks.


To be sure, gold and silver are still important as they keep their value even when paper money systems fail due to incompetence or conspiracy. And we in the USA should continue to back our paper and electronic money with hard metals, as the Constitution specifies. Those individuals I know who have savings and who also believe in the Dividend and other Social Credit principles - all own gold or silver as a hedge against financial disaster such as the collapse of paper or electronic money.


For centuries, all new money has been issued into circulation from the large banks to the small banks to the businesses and then to the workers as wages. And the money has always been issued as a debt to either businesses or individuals.  With the advent of credit cards, new money is created when someone buys something on credit, but this is also a new debt with interest.


Under this new, mathematically-exact method [Social Credit, or American National Credit) of issuing new money into circulation (always based scientifically on the goods and services available for purchase) a dividend is issued to every adult in the nation without interest, and everyone spends their dividend however they want - true economic democracy.


So, we can continue to a let a handful of mega-bankers and their accomplices benefit fantastically every day from the progress handed down by all the generations of our ancestors, or we can let every adult and their families participate meaningfully every month by receiving a dividend.


In other words, the Dividend, when justified by the growth of the economy, allows each person to participate in the patrimony or inheritance left to mankind by past generations.


If there is a third way to issue new money into circulation, maybe someone can tell us what it is.


Conservatives especially have a hard time wrapping their minds around the idea of a Dividend issued to all adults. But the "problem" is that we are too rich, we have too many machines and computers, we can produce way more than we need to survive, and we do not need anywhere near the entire work force to keep society running. Is this a problem?


Consider these words from Susana Piohtee in 2001, from the "Prosperity Journal", published in Scotland at


"The only acceptable role for money is its ability to enable as many human beings as possible to employ their own God-given energies and skills in ways that are Life enhancing rather than Life threatening - by making grateful, creative and sustainable use of this planet's abundant and wondrous natural resources."


You yourself, Mr. Trump, have stated publicly that you see potential all around you that is not being realized. This is the way to activate and maximize that human potential. This is way to really help the inner cities and give the people there a ladder to grab onto and climb. This is the way to revitalize the great American Middle Class. This is the way to issue the trillion dollars in new money to build up our infrastructure more than ever before -- without increasing the national debt. IN FACT, this is the way to pay off the national debt. (New money issued for needed infrastructure could be subtracted from the Dividend in a given year, or would simply be paid in taxes by all the adults receiving their Dividend. In truth, the IRS and the personal income tax could be eliminated, but that is beyond the scope of this article.)


Another question which arises is: is the Dividend free money? 


The answer is, in a way, yes. It is free money to this generation who receives the monthly Dividend. But it was not free money to our ancestors who built and developed what we have inherited.


Look at it this way: you get notice that you had a rich uncle who died and left you a trust fund, and from that fund you will get $1600 (or whatever) a month for the rest of your life. That's free money to you. So who is our rich Uncle? It is Henry Ford, and Thomas Edison, and Nicola Tesla, and the Wright Brothers, and Steve Jobs, and Tom Monaghan of Domino's Pizza - and all the other millions of individuals whose names we will never know who had the ingenuity and energy to devise the modern roads, every aspect of the chairs we sit on, and all the other things we take for granted in 2016. This is our "rich Uncle". And why shouldn't all of mankind participate equitably in this passed-on-good, rather than just a few mega-banksters at the FED and Goldman-Sachs type institutions??



A thorough treatment of this subject is well beyond the scope of this article, so here are some sources that can be studied, and some experts who can be consulted.


Sources: "In This Age of Plenty" by Louis Even, free online (book); "The Meaning of Social Credit" by Maurice Colbourne, free online (book); "Social Credit in Ten Lessons" by Alaine Pilote, free online (book); "The Secret of Oz" by Bill Still, free online (90 minute video); "The Money Masters" by Bill Still, free online (3 hr Video); Social Credit Economics by M. Oliver Heydorn, Ph.D. (book); Web of debt: The Shocking Truth about our Money System and How We Can Break Free by Ellen Brown (book); Public Bank Solution: from Austerity to Prosperity  by Ellen Brown (book); "The Creature from Jekyll Island" by G. Edward Griffin (book).


In his regular video podcast, found on Youtube, author and filmmaker Bill Still said a few months ago that someone in your campaign, Mr. Trump, had contacted him. This is very encouraging due to Mr. Still's important books and documentaries on fixing the flaws in current FED policies. A team of experts to help you make this historic change in our monetary system might include Bill Still, Ellen Brown, and Dr. M. Oliver Heydorn, Ph.D.


But this is dangerous business, and you must go directly to the people on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to tell the people of the United States and the world that you are going to do this.


There is a cartoon circa 1835 that depicted a "lone nut" taking a shot at President Andrew Jackson, the sworn enemy of the usurious international bankers. The gunman missed and was immediately whisked off to a mental institution. But, since Jackson had no plan to replace the system he despised, the same big bankers returned within a decade.


Circa 1863, President Lincoln refused to take loans at 28% interest from European banks, and issued his own money, the Greenbacks. We all know what happened to Lincoln after that at the hands of a "lone nut" assassins. 


Circa 1880 and 1900 Presidents Garfield and McKinley, respectively, both vowed to take on the international bankers. Both were shot and killed by a "lone nut" assassin.


In June of 1963, President John F. Kennedy issued $5 billion in United States money, backed by Silver. These bills had "United States Note" at the top on the front of the bills, not "Federal Reserve Note" as you will find right now if you pull a dollar out of your wallet. 


Five months later JFK was assassinated by a "lone nut", and President Johnson, in one of his first acts, ordered all banks to take the Kennedy issued US Dollars out of circulation as fast as possible. These Kennedy United States Notes, in $20 bills and other denominations, are very hard to find today, although some money collectors have them.


President Ronald Reagan indicated he was going to replace FED chairman Paul Volcker during the 1980 Presidential campaign. He was shot by a "lone nut" and, after that, kept Volcker on until August 1987.


But no one since JFK has issued any new United States paper dollars - from June 1963 until this minute. President Kennedy should have announced to the public in advance what he was going to do and why. 


Even if we impute the best of intentions to Paul Volcker, Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke, Janet Yellen, and the rest of the FED, the current system of issuing money is obsolete, and must be replaced with a forward looking system to serve mankind.


And, by the way, it is being discussed all over the nation by alert people that the FED might artificially crash the economy once you are in office, Mr. Trump, in order to try and make you the Herbert Hoover of the 21st century. This would be "economic terrorism", to borrow a phrase from author David DeGraw, and just as artificial and phony as the engineered crash of 1929, or 2008.


In such an instance, as in 1929, we would have the same amount of people, energy, brains, and natural resources the day before and after the crash. The only change would be the withdrawal of much of the money supply out of public circulation by the same crowd of international bankers which periodically strangles mankind by utilizing this technique.


If this happens, you must be prepared to seize the FED and issue sufficient money for the people and the nation to continue to live in peace and prosperity until Congress can put legislation on your desk to permanently remedy the problem, as outlined above.


Such an action would be justified, and far more justified than, for instance, when Ronald Reagan ordered US troops into the Caribbean island of Grenada during the crisis of 1983. 


In such an instance, the FED, a powerful corporation comparable to a country with a land mass, would have declared war on the people of the United States, as they have done in the past, and you, by then President Trump, would be more than justified in acting quickly to save the nation, just as you would against a foreign invader.


Finally, beyond unleashing human potential in the United States by the principles of American National Credit, you could help lead all the nations of the world to the proper issue of money. The United States of America could then again become known for exporting technology and prosperity instead of war and targeted destabilization. And the poorer countries we helped could pay us back over time, just as Mexico will eventually reimburse us for the wall.


My next column, "Open Letter To Donald Trump - Part II", will explore ideas you could consider using to "drain the swamp" in Washington D.C. (and elsewhere) permanently, and to keep it drained; the remedy to ensure honest, verifiable elections for all time to come, especially in 2020; ideas on how to respond to the ongoing, frequent terrorist attacks; proposed guidelines for handling the long-standing tensions in the Mideast; and several other important issues you will face during your Presidency.


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