Putin, Trump - Emerging Dynamic Duo?

Donald J. Trump has been confirmed as the President of the United States by the Electoral College.  After weeks of the American media doing all kinds of sensational piffle that electors may bolt from Mr. Trump, or that the FBI needs to brief electors on the horrors of Mr. Trump before they vote; Donald Trump soundly routed Hillary Clinton and will become the forty-fifth President of the United States.

He becomes president in an intricate web of intrigue with American intelligence agencies, and the globalist cabal.  The CIA wants to play a dangerous game of cat and mouse with Russia.  The American media, their mouthpiece, ratcheted up the anti-Russian rhetoric with their reporting of the insipid whining of the Clinton crybabies that big bad Russia rained on Hillary's parade and cost them the election.  

Does anyone really believe this tripe?  Apparently the robotic America media who love to dine on the morsels of Hillary-love do.  To their way of thinking Hillary's losing the election had nothing to do with her being universally disliked. Or her "Mother Superior" way of scolding everyone who did not fawn over her, or her play for pay schemes run through her foundation. 

The basket of deplorables, right?

Her loss had nothing to do with her courting of fat cats on Wall Street and celebs like Gaga and Madonna, when she should have been out with the everyday folks.  

But, oh yes, she hates the common man in flyover country.  This is what she said of Donald Trump's supporters, 
"You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump's supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right? The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic -- you name it. And unfortunately there are people like that.... Now, some of those folks -- they are irredeemable, but thankfully they are not America."

Excuse me?  Half of Trump's supporters are irredeemable and not America?  Really?

The Podesta emails on April 19, at 4:20 pm state, "I know she has begun to hate everyday Americans ..."  Dear Reader, this is news.  This should have been headline news. However, because it was so damning to Hillary, it was non-news, which is different than fake news.

Fake news is what the Russians used to take down Hillary.  Don't you love it?  The big, bad, powerful Russians manipulated the sheep-ish Americans into voting for the candidate that Comrade Vladimir Putin wanted to win.  Now that is clout. 

And, they did this by allegedly releasing some TRUE emails written by her disgusting, arrogant, spirit-cooking campaign manager, John Podesta. 

Putin power!

The Russians took down this incredible woman who everyone adored. Hillary was denied what was rightfully hers.  What Putin power! 

In reality, it was not the Russians who took down Hillary, it was the woman herself.  Hillary was a war-monger.  She was a neo-con American "exceptionalist" who delighted in regime change, and who laughed at the death of one of her downed regime heads, namely, Muammar Gaddafi.  

She was a flawed candidate who lost the election on her own lack of merit, grotesque insincerity, and mind-boggling duplicity, to say nothing of outright lying. She was the worst US major party Presidential candidate since the dawn of the television age some 60+ years ago.  And, let us never forget, she hated the everyday American.  Many of whom she found utterly "irredeemable" and not part of America.  

Let's look at the emails. By all non-US intelligence agency accounts the emails were hacked and/or leaked by someone inside the DNC who was disillusioned by the unscrupulous and distasteful policies and intrigues of the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee under Debbie Wasserman Schultz.   

Ivory towers lost, neo-con cabal ****canned!

In her failed attempt at the presidency, keep in mind, it was not simply Hillary who lost.  It was the entire globalist cabal, the corporate elite, the intellectual ideologues in their ivory towers, NATO, CNN/NYT, all the mainstream media, both establishment Democrats and Republicans, America interventionists who love to manipulate and bomb other countries, and the regime changers. They all hit a brick wall with the election of one Donald J. Trump.  

The panic caused by his election was so great because the globalist cabal had all its ducks in a row when this Donald Trump wrecking ball, together with his band of Deplorables, accomplished the unthinkable by defeating their candidate.  An energetic wave continuing from Brexit was threatening their game plan.  It must be dealt with....

The Middle East was a vital part of their game plan.  It was being systematically destroyed by the globalist cabal and rebuilt into a vision of loveliness for Saudi Arabia, Israel and Neocons in the USA.  An admirable game plan, don't you think?  

Not only are the globalist plans in the Middle East in jeopardy with the Trump win, but the Cold War that they were in the process of renewing with Russia has just began to thaw. 

Donald Trump's bromance with Vladimir Putin, they fear, could threaten the powerful NATO buildup on Russia's western borders.  As long as Russia is seen as evil, then anything the US does is deemed necessary.  Any friendship with Russia will have grave consequences for NATO's aggression in the Russian border debate.

The globalists were not the only ones crying over this possible warming of relations with Russia.  The US arms industry was salivating over its potential sales. Billions of dollars worth of arms to NATO allies, on the back of this new Cold War, all because the threat of evil Russians was looming.  Now, the US arms dealers would possibly be left out in the cold.

Currently, the two things standing in the way of the globalists are Donald J. Trump and Vladimir Putin.  They would be standing in the way of endless Middle East wars, American exceptionalism and regime change.  And, standing in the way of massive military building up Russia's borders. 

Since the election of Trump, the globalists/neocon mouthpieces in the US media have been working feverishly to up the ante. They need to demonize both men to regain their footing.  They do this through the intense mockery of Donald Trump at every turn, and the vilifying of Vladimir Putin as a devil incarnate.

Enter the CIA and the New York Times to keep the rekindling of the Cold War going. They will not let go of this bone.  Russia threw the election.  Russia is a threat to American democracy.  They hacked into the emails! 

Never mind there is no evidence.  Never mind that Assange of Wikileaks said it was not Russia.  Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity published a  letter on Monday in Consortium News.  The letter stated, "all points point to leaking, not hacking... leaking requires physically removing data - on a thumb drive, for example; - the only way such data can be copied and removed, with no electronic trace of what has left the server, is via a physical storage device."  

Former technical  director for the National Security Agency and whistleblower, William Binney, states, 

"If [the intelligence agencies] are going to allege something like that they should show the trace route, and the path it went and how, and through which path those packets went from the DNC to the Russians to WikiLeaks. They failed to do that . . ."  

On December 21st, American Journalist Tucker Carlson interviewed long-time, renowned expert on Russia studies, Professor Stephen Cohen, who teaches at both New York University and Princeton. 

Carlson asked, "... You follow this as closely as anybody, is there evidence, real evidence, that the Putin government stole the election for Trump?"

Professor Cohen's answer: "Well, you've interrogated several people in pursuit of facts for that, and you haven't found any. I haven't found any. And until they produce some, the answer is no." 

This confirmed exactly the conclusion expressed by American journalist Glenn Greenwald of "The Guardian", to Tucker in another gripping interview one day earlier. (These two interviews and several others on the subjects covered in this column can be found by Googling, "Tucker Carlson Tonight Fox Cable News".)

Unfortunately, these interviews stand almost alone on US mainstream television, where for the last several weeks talking heads speak as if "Russian Hacking" is a proven fact and proceed from that false premise, apparently in a coordinated effort to spread actual fake news to the American public.

The globalists in Washington DC and New York City desperately want to ramp up a Cold War with Russia, and think they can use their propaganda arm, again the US big media, to do just that.  If anyone challenges their tortured twists and contrived claims-de-jour, such doubters are themselves accused of  concocting "fake news". 

But such attempts to mock their opponents are failing miserably. Senator John McCain's daughter, Meghan McCain, lamented on Fox Cable's 'Outnumbered' talk show the other day that more Americans were believing Putin than the CIA. Do you think that might be happening, Meghan, due to 12 years of bald-faced lying by the pre-Trump Ruling Elite?  Don't you think the American people are weary of these endless neo con wars of no merit?

Most Americans are now fully aware, thanks primarily to Trump, that the US has spent upwards of six trillion dollars in the Mideast since 2003, resulting in more chaos, destruction and death in that region then could be imagined.   

Add to that, the USA counts 5,000 dead, more than 40,000 maimed for life, and dozens of soldiers committing suicide everyday. What's not to like, Meghan?  Oh, how about 45 million displaced refugees?  Millions of humans dead, maimed or orphaned?  What's not to like?

The prescience of George Orwell is chilling. In his book 1984, he says "Don't you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? In the end we shall make thought-crime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it."  Written 68 years ago this is coming to pass today in the United States. 

To express thoughts that do not match the official line promoted by the CIA, Obama, CNN, the New York Times et al is to be deemed a practitioner of thought-crime, or fake news.  These organizations have done everything in their power to make Donald Trump appear the fool, the essence of all things fake and corrupt.  And, now he enters their world as the President of the USA.

He enters the world stage in the midst of intense challenges: the chaos in the Middle East, the NATO military buildup on Russia's western front, and our failed backing the ISIS-related rebels in Syria. A positive relationship with Mr. Putin can help to ameliorate world tensions in these areas and others.  

Our CIA-spearheaded Russia bashing has painted us into a corner with news reports that Syria, Russia and Turkey met a few days ago without the USA, to the consternation of Secretary of State John Kerry.  Again, Mr. Trump could bring dialogue where there is none.  Healing where there is fracture.

Here's  a fascinating take from Russia-expert Professor Stephen Cohen, from the same Tucker Carlson interview referenced above: 

(Begin excerpt from Carlson interview)

Professor Cohen: " . . . Let me tell you where I think we are with Russia now. In my lifetime, it's the worst and most dangerous moment since the Cuban missile Crisis in 1962. Our relations with Russia are fraught with the possibility of war from the Baltics in Ukraine to Syria. 

"Meanwhile, we're making these accusations against Russia, and I think part of the accusations, -- I can't be sure about this -- but many of the people who are pursuing them -- are actually trying to stop President-elect Trump's vow to establish a new cooperative relationship with Russia, which I think is essential for American national security. 

"I'm not pro-Kremlin, I'm pro-American national security. But if you can discredit Putin as a war criminal, as a guy who despoiled our democracy, then how will Trump get the traction to go ahead and begin what we used to call detente? . . . "

Tucker Carlson then said he would take it one step farther, and noted that some on both sides, Neocons on the Republican side, such as Senators McCain and Lindsey Graham, and some from the institutional Democratic side, such as the Clintons and Barack Obama, seem to be seeking conflict with Russia, -- ". . . not just prevent detente -- but engage in some hostile way with Russia."

Professor Cohen responded: 

" . . . it may be, I mean, who can be sure, -- but it may be that they are absolutely determined to prevent the kind of cooperation with Russia that will make it safer. I'll go one step farther and say, maybe to the horror or shock of some of your viewers, that Vladimir Putin is potentially America's most essential - valuable - national security partner."

And then as the interview ended, Cohen concluded:

". . . And, as we talk, NATO is undergoing a major military build up on Russia's western borders. And let me leave you with an antidote, or at least something I hear in Russia. Russians say that never has western power been amassed on Russia's western borders, as it is today, since June 1941, the German invasion. So Russians are in high anxiety. Their nuclear weapons are on high alert. . . .  and it is really dangerous."

Then Carlson: "I agree with that. It seems lunatic, actually, to me."

(End of Excerpt from Carlson interview) 

"Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad" is uttered by Prometheus in Henry Wadworth Longfellow's poem, "The Masque of Pandora"(1875). 

It's almost like the McCain-Brzezinski-Wolfowitz  globalists have gone insane in their efforts to demonize Russia at any cost.  Do they really want to risk provoking World War III?

Again, Putin stands in their way.  Russia must be brought to heel.  Their military buildup on the borders of Ukraine must continue.  The US war machine must be fed.  The policy of US "exceptionalism" and regime change must march on.  

 The fact that an alliance between Mr. Putin and Mr. Trump would make the world a safer place is a joke to the globalists.  "Safer" does not factor into the equation when profit and world dominance are in the mix.  Peace in the Middle East does not factor into the equation when there is profit from arms deals, dominance, oil, and chaos to be milked.  I do not believe Mr. Trump or Mr. Putin has the evil that is inherent in the globalist/neocon agendas.

In so many ways Americans and Russians share common interests and could be natural allies, working together to build up the world, instead of destroying the world. With the election of Donald Trump there may be an end to this insanity.  With his willingness to explore a positive relationship with Mr. Putin a major shift may occur in the madness that has dominated the world scene.  Mr. Trump's selection of Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, is a further step in the right direction. Mr. Tillerson became director of Exxon Neftegas, the energy company's Russian subsidiary, in 1998, and is a friend of Russia.  

Keep in mind, Russia, unlike the United States, does not have over 700 military bases around the globe in more than 100 countries.  Under Putin, it professes it wants to move to a renewed understanding of international law based on rational, national sovereignty.  Trump has said repeatedly in his mass rallies that he agrees with this and does not want a continuation of the endless wars with the resulting destabilizing regime changes. 

There are powerful forces against a Trump/Russia rapprochement: forces that killed John F. Kennedy when he did not toe the line.  These are the same forces that control the US mainstream media and the of the issue of money in the USA.  Against this backdrop, former Reagan Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, Paul Craig Roberts, warns in a new article, "As the Coup against Trump fails, the threat against his life rises." But, if there is an attempt on Trump's life during his Presidency, NOBODY's going to believe it was a "lone nut" this time. 

The forces that would be set in motion to stop an alignment of Russia and the United States for peace in the Middle East and the globe are fierce.  How this will play out in the near future is unknown.  What is known is that the forces that have ruled the world for profit, war, and dominance will not go away without a concerted effort to thwart a Trump/Putin alliance.

So much horror has been set in motion by the globalists it would take a miracle to begin to undo the damage.  One huge step in the right direction would be for Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin to join forces and work for peace.  Two incredibly powerful men joining forces for sanity on the world stage would be a Christmas gift of epic proportion.   

May these days truly be the beginning of a brave new world 

Nancy O'Brien Simpson
Ms. Simpson was a radio personality in New York.  She was a staff writer for The Liberty Report.  A PBS documentary was done on her activism for human rights.  She is a psychotherapist and political commentator.   


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