The Witch, the Prince and the Hun. A Tale of America

Once upon a time there was a very powerful nation.  The most powerful nation in all the world.  But, sadly, it had lost its way.  It became arrogant and corrupt.  It thought it could boss around the rest of the world, and if they did not comply they would simply drop bombs on them.  In fifty years they dropped bombs on over thirty countries.   And, the big country put 702 military installations throughout the world in 132 countries.  They wanted to show the world just who was boss.  

The prophet

Once there was a prophet in their land.  He was a very great man named Dr. King.  He said, when he was alive, that the big country was  'the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today.' He was talking about the Vietnam War; that war killed over 55,000 soldiers of the big country, and at least 2,000,000 Vietnamese men, women and children. Over 7,000,000 tons of bombs were dropped on three little countries, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Many years later the the big country still is the greatest purveyor of violence in the world.  

Sometimes it was for getting presidents or leaders in who would do favors for the big country.  Sometimes it was for oil.  Sometimes it was to get the country to be a democracy like the big country was.  Sometimes it was for reasons only its intelligence agency knew.  

In recent years the big country bombed a little country, Iraq for no reason at all.  The president of the big country, Mr. Bush, did not like the leader of the little country, Mr. Hussain.  So he bombed the country in a blaze of glory, laughing as he called it "Shock and Awe" as if this were a wondrous thing.  

With that bombing things began to fall apart in that part of the world.  The big country kept  bombing the little country.  And, liked it so much that it decided to keep bombing countries to "help" them become democracies like the big country was.

The witch

It went after leaders of countries they did not like.  They found a leader named Mr. Gaddafi, who they did not like, and they helped assassinate him.  The powerful woman liked this and when she heard he had died she laughed out loud and said, "We came, we saw, he died."  She sounded like a scary witch when she said this.

After many years of this, a new presidential election was called in the big country.  A prince of a man was running for the president job.  He was a good man who did not like the wars of the big country.  He was a man of peace.  His name was Mr. Sanders.

Running against him was a powerful warrior of a woman who liked to drop bombs on countries to get her way.  She was a woman who did the bidding of big corporations who made bombs and gave her money.  She also did the bidding of foreign dictators who wanted bombs to arm bad people called terrorists.  She was a woman who loved money and power, her name was Mrs. Clinton.

She and the prince of a man, Mr. Sanders, were running against each other to see who would win the nomination of their party.  All the young people loved the prince, Mr. Sanders, and lots of older people. They were all thrilled by his goodness.  They were motivated by his vision of peace.  

Mrs. Clinton had all the war powers behind her, and all the big corporations.  They told the media what to say about her and they ignored Mr. Sanders.  The even rigged some of the votes in her favor.  

Some people did not care that she was not a good leader, and that she loved war, they just liked it that she was a woman.  Others simply closed their eyes to the millions who had been displaced by her war policies, and the millions who had died.  Still others did not want to believe that she was bought and sold by banksters and corporations.  

And, so they voted for her and not the prince of a man, and with the rigging that was done, the power hungry woman won the nomination.  

The Prince

This meant she would be running against the other party in the big country.  The other party had nominated a wild man.  He was orange in color and had a headpiece like Attila the Hun.  He was a brute and said brutish things.  He sometimes grabbed women by the hair like a Hun.  He was not a prince, but he did not like wars of Mrs. Clinton and her  corporations.  He wanted to be the Prince of the Huns and the big country. 

And, so the two, the power hungry Mrs. Clinton, and the orange Hun called Trump, went to battle at the voting booths of America.  The voters had a hard time because voting for the power hungry, Mrs. Clinton, who liked wars, and voting for an orange Hun, was a hard decision.

In the end, the big country decided to place their fate in the hands of the orange Hun.  They were simply tired of the corporations running their country.  They were tired of the wars.  They were tired of compromised politicians.  They wanted something better.  So, they decided to take a big risk and they made the orange Hun the leader of their land.  They hoped he would bring back the goodness their country had lost, and that everyone would live happily ever after.   The End. 

The Witch, the Prince and the Hun a Tale of America. 59227.jpeg

Nancy O'Brien Simpson
Ms. Simpson was a radio personality in New York.  She was a staff writer for The Liberty Report.  A PBS documentary was done on her activism for human rights.  She is a psychotherapist and political commentator.  


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