What does Nobel Peace Prize do for peace in the world?


By Ali Ashraf Khan

The obvious answer is 'nothing'. A glance at the long list of peace prizewinners shows how this is the case. People chosen for the Nobel peace prize have been chosen to from the point of view of status quo, i.e. uphold the power equation in the world, the interest of US and Western powers in different regions which is the main reason for war and conflict. That was the case when Obama or Menachim Begin were chosen; that was the case when pro-Western politicians like Aung San Suu Kyi from Burma was given the prize for her clinging to 'democracy' - a political system the spirit of which she can not understand given her support for ethnic cleansing and violence in her country. Shirin Ebadi, an Iranian anti-government activist was chosen to bug the Iranian Ayatullahs, the Dalai Lama was chosen to bug the Chinese. Sometimes, rarely known activists have been chosen who have worked in their communities for betterment when no big political shot needed the boost of a Nobel peace prize. The contribution of all these people to world peace is more than only questionable from the point of view of the Third World countries.

This year's Nobel peace prize seems to be a combination of the two mainstream intentions. By choosing Malala Yusufzai, a Pathan teenager from the Pakistani Swat valley where she under the direction of her father who was a school teacher and was working for girl's education on the secular NGO model, who has been chosen by the West to use as a tool for implementing their milliniuem agenda, which is now fully exposed. She was shot at by the Taliban as a symbol of their anti-western stance and they have admitted and they are sorry for it. The hero mongering initiated by Western media that has been going on with high profile projection of Malala has been criticized even by her own people in Saidu Sharif with school girls resenting their school to be named after Malala saying that the move would make them a target for militants and endanger their lives while Malala had left Pakistan and was comfortably enjoying security in Great Britain with her parents.

Another argument was that so many other girls fought for girl's education who never got even the support of the administration or the West and that it was uncalled for to single out one girl only. We have to admit that BBC plays a main role as an effective media tool in modern psychological warfare to fulfill Corporate agenda of the World Jewry, one case is of Gul Makai dairy by Malala, then Dr. Shakeel and polio drama, a Chinese doctor friend of mine protested at Karachi airport when the airline staff was forcibly administering the grown-up passengers to drink polio drops, which according to her is given to little childrens and for grownup it could cause problem with body harmones. Then the Video-documentary "Islamic Bomb" that was released in early 1979 while the PC-1 of the project was yet to be approved. Pakistani intelligentsia has to understand all these gimmicks before falling again in their trap.  

The second person chosen for this year's peace prize is an Indian social worker Kailash Satyarthi. Satyarthi, who founded a consumer campaign in the 1980s to combat child labour in the handmade carpet industry, has been given the prize for his fight for child rights again under political expediency. The outside India rather unknown 60-year-old activist heads the 'Global March Against Child Labour', a combination of some 2,000 social groups and union organizations in 140 countries. He is credited with helping tens of thousands of children forced into slavery by businessmen, landowners and others to gain their freedom. The Norwegian Nobel Committee said the duo had been chosen for their struggle against the repression of children and young people and "for the right of all children to education".

There is no doubt that child labor is a bane in many countries of the world especially when it is preventing children from getting education. Fact remains that even in United States there are Children forced to work in certain areas especially in agriculture and garment sectors. Human rights organizations have documented child labor in USA. According to a 2009 petition by Human Rights Watch "hundreds of thousands of children are employed as farm workers in the United States, often working 10 or more hours a day".  Asian countries face the boycott of goods from industries where poor children earn their livelihood due to economic exploitation by multinational conglomerates. But child labour is hardly disturbing world peace.

And education is not a guaranty for world peace either. Agreed - people in the West are educated; but are they peaceful? Do they resent war and conflict being perpetuated and created? Some do, most don't. If education would make you a peace activist the Western world would be a horst of peace. But it isn't. It is the West that is dominating the world by its military power and its economic exploitation through organizations like UN, NATO, IMF, World Bank and others - all used to uphold the Western primacy and millennium agenda.

Cultural imperialism of the West is exporting Western ideas through education into the rest of the world and everywhere there are people like Malala and her father who think through promoting Western education and Western ideas and values in their countries and societies will also one day prosper and be as rich as the West is today. This is so naïve and it is so wrong because it did work for his family but people of Swat suffered a lot on account of this. Western domination comes from colonialism in all its forms; domination and exploitation has financed the scientific and industrial revolution in the West and it has made western values what they are: materialist, irreligious and selfish.  Is this what will promote world peace?

Another thing to be mentioned is the choice of countries for the peace prize - India and Pakistan - at a time when India is launching a low-intensity war at the working border with Pakistan that has killed and injured many Pakistani civilians living in the villages close to the border line. This undeclared aggression is violating a ceasefire that had been agreed to both countries years ago. The message of choosing an Indian and a Pakistani seems to be 'sort out your problems' - a stance which ignores the fact that the Indo-Pakistani conflict is along standing one that originated from the partition which was a British responsibility, why British failed or was it pre-planned historians will one day bring the truth out and that it is India under the BJP Modi government that is disturbing the cease fire now to suit the West.

It is the unresolved Kashmir conflict that is in the background of the years of tension and the UNSC since 1948 has failed miserably to solve the conflict as they have failed in Palestine. Unresolved conflicts like the Kashmir and Palestinian conflicts are a major source of war and militancy by the people suffering from those conflicts. The international community would have done better by engaging actively in those conflicts than give useless peace prizes thus ignoring the real cause of war and hatred by getting the bottlenecks removed. The peace prize is financed from Mr. Nobel's money the stock of which  is producing riba (interest) each year and only the riba is distributed by Nobel foundation. Malala should consider that aspect also when accepting the price money.

The Nobel peace prize, thus, is a hoax. This can be seen from the life and activities of the founder also. Alfred Nobel, a Swedish inventor, made his money by inventing dynamite - not a very peaceful invention. The Nobel family factory of his father had already produced armaments for the Crimean War (1853-1856); he together with his brothers explored oilfields along the Caspian Sea and became rich. By the time of his death in 1896 he had established 90 armaments factories that were producing the weaponry for the wars to come including World War I. Wikipedia writes that he was a pacifist - but does that really matter after what he had done throughout his life? Even his legacy - the money made from selling weaponry and explosives - cannot produce peace as history of the Nobel Peace prize has shown. 

Ali Ashraf Khan


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov