Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

Syria "Chemical attack": Game changer or barefaced lies?

The images the world has seen from Syria these last few days are peddled by whom? Why, the two international queens of lies, Washington and London. Remember Iraq? Remember Libya? Who perpetrated chemical weapons attacks in Vietnam? Who perpetrated a twin-nuclear terrorist attack in Japan? Let us examine the data on Syria...

Remember the "magnificent foreign intelligence" which gave the go-ahead for the illegal and criminal murderous attack against Iraq? Yes, it was a ten-year-old doctorate thesis sexed up and copied and pasted from the Internet. Remember the claims by British Intelligence (MI6, allegedly) that Saddam Hussein was trying to get yellowcake uranium from "Nigeria"? He wasn't, and anyway it would have been "Niger".

Sorry, wrong country, eh what? Well they're all the same, aren't they? And as far as Paris, London and Washington are concerned (the capital cities of the FUKUS Axis, France-UK-US), the medicine is the same. Choose a country with resources which interest the energy or banking lobbies (Iraq, Libya), or one of geo-strategic importance (Syria) and follow the book.

It starts with a meeting of the groups on the fringes of society - very often criminals, murderers, self-seekers, sons and daughters of those prosecuted by the Government of the countries ostracized by the FUKUS Axis as pariahs, just because they dared to counter the interests of the lobbies which run NATO and its poodle-states. This usually takes place in London.

Then there is the demonology in the media. For Government, read "regime"; for House, read "compound", and so on. The leader of the "regime" is referred to in a single word: "Saddam", "Gaddafy", "Assad". By whom? Why, by those who murdered the "Gaddafy" grandchildren because they were apparently part of the command and control structure, roasting them alive, and then refusing to apologize. Read "Cameron", "Obama" and that failed little Napoleon, "Sarkozy".

Remember "Gaddafy" strafing his civilians with his air force? Bullshit! Remember Afghanistan being behind the strikes against the Twin Towers? Bullshit! And the Pentagon? Bullshit! Remember "Saddam's" WMD? Bullshit! Remember the Russian missiles firing southwards into Georgia in 2008, sparking the conflict? Bullshit! Remember the Green Revolution in Iran? Bullshit! Remember the "mass protests" against Putin in Moscow? Bullshit! They were images copied and pasted from 1991, when the Russians took to the streets and complained against the dissolution of the USSR.

So we are now going to believe the allegations from the same old liars about Syria, Washington and London? Well, what about the use of chemical weapons against areas of Aleppo loyal to President Bashar al-Assad in March? Where is that story now in the international media? As if the Syrian Armed Forces would strafe areas loyal to the Government... and as if the Syrian Armed Forces would strafe their own troops.

And yet again, this time, now in April, and in Barzeh, we have images of people with shaving cream "foaming from the mouth", labeled as a "crossing the red line chemical attack" by...erm... ooh.... ah....Washington and London (ha ha ha).It's like believing a cock-and-bull story from a heroin addict with a 300 USD-a-day habit.

And let us place "Churchill war crimes" in a search engine, let us examine the history book, and see the only country to have committed an act of nuclear terrorism against civilians (twice) was the US of A. And what about the use of chemical weapons in Vietnam? In Iraq? And what about the murder of the Gaddafy grandchildren? And destroying the Libyan water supply "to break their backs"? And bombing the pipe factory, so that the water could not be re-connected?

Let us place "The law case of the century" in a search engine to see what we are dealing with.

So with this background from Washington and London, between them barefaced liars and criminal regimes guilty of war crimes, crimes against humanity, massacres, concentration camps, torture, illegal detention, sodomy of prisoners, water boarding, and so on... we have some images of civilians with shaving foam on their mouths, others without (surely either they all would have the same symptoms or nobody would?).

We have no references to the chemical weapons attack by the western-backed Syrian "Opposition" in March, or course and lo and behold, just when the Syrian Armed Forces are winning the war against the western-backed terrorists, we have this story from Barzeh, once again, an area where the Syrian Armed Forces are making significant gains.

Obviously the western-backed bought media (why do people waste their money buying lies?) have forgotten Aleppo and have tried to drop it. What about the allegations that chemical weapons were used by the terrorists? After all, what do terrorists do and what do those regimes supporting terrorists (in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in Serbia) do? Why, they arm, finance and train terrorists.

So, the Syrian Armed Forces are going to attack terrorists in a "limited strike" with chemical weapons, in a war arena where the Syrian Armed Forces are winning? Yeah, Saddam had WMD, in the words of Donald Rumsfeld "In Baghdad and Tikrit and north, south, east and west" of there.

The amazing thing is that these liars are democratically elected and those who elected them exonerate them from such war crimes.

So, are we now going to believe that the Syrian Government has used chemical weapons? Especially when among the victims are 10 (TEN) members of the Syrian Armed Forces? I don't think so.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey



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