Putin, be prepared - beware the Ides of March

By Jim Jones

Having set the scene so to speak, in my previous articles, Are You Prepared? and Prepared Or Not It Is Coming, I want to expand further the basic concept of my premise; and hopefully stop at a trilogy.

My final sentence was:

"The questions to ask are; when will this happen - not if; and where will the International Travellers go when the FED collapses?"

The timeframe is really anyone's guess and is largely dependent on the dissemination of verifiable information though such media as the internet, which will counter the public perceptions cemented by the controlled mass media. The realisation that "we have been lied too" will cause a storm in middleclass America. Like a snowball starting it's roll from the top of a snowy crest, it will gather mass as it progresses down the slope, this gathering mass will at some stage - reach tipping point [critical mass] and the whole house of cards, sustained by smoke and mirrors, will collapse.

There are also other factors to consider, most of which are really beyond factoring - such as the reaction of foreign countries to the imminent demise of the FED.  Will there be wholesale selling of the FED Dollar?  What events will trigger public panic? I am no prophet and do not profess to have such a gift; what I can say is that even a blind man can see the writing on the wall for the FED Dollar.  

So, for the first part of the sentence, we can only say that time is short.  This wonderful media called the internet has since it's inception some 20 years ago, provided a vehicle for public opinion which has proven to be impossible for the NWO to control or shut down. Oh, there are sites specifically dedicated to "discrediting" publications that print contrary to the official view and there are systematic cyber hacking attacks against web sites that offer opinion contrary to the official view; but generally, we have a wonderful organ for the open discussion of world events and the challenging of the accepted order.  Dependent on just how well this internet is utilised, will in part, determine the demise of the FED Dollar.

As for the second part of the sentence - "where will the International Travellers go when the FED collapses?"; this is more clear cut. I commented earlier that history repeats -

"What has been will be again,
 what has been done will be done again;
 there is nothing new under the sun."  Ecclesiastes 1:9

We can go back in time, before Christ - to Babylon, and see the fingerprint on human misery of the International Traveller.  His god is money and he migrates to where the money is - infesting the host nation, controlling the supply of money and like some termite, eats away at the very foundations of society, while all the time through his control of money; causing untold misery for the host nation. Destroying the very values and fabric of the nation, bleeding the very life blood of the youth of the nation in senseless wars; the nation is reduced to a worthless façade of what was once it's former glory. Then broken, bankrupt and possessing no further wealth, the International Traveller moves on to greener pastures and the promise of wealth in some other nation.

It is no coincidence that when a nation has been strong religiously, it has been prosperous, healthy and mighty. Be it through Islam and the Ottoman Empire with the spreading of knowledge, trade, arithmetic and protracted periods of stability, to Christianity and the rise of the British Empire corresponding to the huge Christian revival in Britain, to other religions in various parts of the world such as Buddhism. The common thing about religions is that they do not emphasise money - money is not the GOD being worshiped.  This is diametrically opposite to the goal of the International Traveller [and the NWO]; his god IS money and he is opposed to the spread of religions which are against his god.  

Britain was systematically wreaked by the International Traveller - the wealth of the new British Empire was squandered on a World War [one that no one actually wanted, save the International Traveller], the cream of her youth died senselessly on foreign soils, all for the goal of stealing land in Palestine at the behest of the International Traveller and increasing the wealth of the International Traveller.  The Balfour Declaration, conducted in total secrecy in dark rooms between like minded conspirators was to be the reward for "saving Britain" by involving the United States in a War that the people of America had voted overwhelmingly to stay out of! In 1916, Britain was finished - broke, destroyed from within and wanting to sue for peace.  The International Traveller had got all he could from Britain and a new host nation was needed. [However, one thing he still required was the ceding of land from Britain, land which was still controlled by Germany and so Germany had to be defeated]. The wealth of America beckoned - the promise to Britain could be achieved by the manipulation of the people of America.  Sleeper cells of International Travellers, living in America were the catalyst of the new infestation along with the provision of large sums of money; money with which to "buy" people, to control media and to deceive the people of America.

I am surprised; no, actually amazed, by the manner in which American's have been and are deceived by their government.  Yes, I agree that this is a generalisation - I know that there are many American's who are trying to draw public attention to the orchestrated deception that has and is taking place and to parade the litany of lies that the government [and previous governments] have touted as truth.  I know also that in general, Americans are very loving and considerate people; valuing honesty, integrity and justice, which is all the more the baffling as to why they can be so myopic on issues that touch on the actions of their government.  It would appear that unless the information is received via Hollywood, Fox News, CNN or the Washington Post; then it simply is not credible.  They as a nation, seem incapable of looking at world news in a cosmopolitan manner -  to them, world news is about the 50 States or has been filtered through their own language media. Those who venture to read, say PRAVDA are a minority, howbeit, an enlightened minority and we hope, the minority who will start the bushfire of political revolution to rid America of the International Traveller before total destruction.

Oh no, if you turn down your TV's, you can hear the cacophony chorus from the ones who would have you believe labels.  Labels like "conspiratorialist", "kook theory" and other such derogatory terms.  [I've touched on a nerve: the unmentionable]. The intention of this name calling is to distract from the actual message; to cast dispersions about the authors credibility and mental state and to subliminally make you "take sides' without them having to actually do a thing to disprove any of the facts presented.  Such detractors don't actually want to discuss the issue(s), they would rather the issue wasn't aired at all - after all, it is their own lie that they want to protect and open debate on it would show the obvious, calculated deceit involved.  Much better to turn it into a personal issue and deflect the argument by placing a label on the author.

It is recorded that the noted American author and historian, Walter Karp wrote: "When it can be established that a number of political acts work in concert to produce a certain result, the presumption is strong that the actors were aiming at the result in question. When it can be shown, in addition, that the actors have an interest in producing those results, the presumption becomes a fair certainty.  No conspiracy theory is required. On the other hand, those who make blanket condemnation s of the conspiracy theories, base their own view on a farfetched theory indeed, namely that whatever those in high office actually do, they are essentially men of goodwill. According to this school of special pleading - the "King can do no wrong"  doctrine suitably updated - it is entirely proper to praise an American President for skilfully engineering some desirable result, but to not the same skilful engineering of an indefensible one is to fall victim to "political paranoia and conspiratorial fetishism".

Take a moment or two to let that sink in.

America was taken over by the International Traveller and no more so effectively, than by the complete wrestling of the control of money from the government by the FED. The Founding Fathers gave ample warning of the control of money - I suspect that they would turn in their graves now at what was happening in America; such mighty goals and promises for a nation, gone, destroyed by the International Traveller.

You can see, if you are prepared to look, at the systematic destruction of all things that were traditionally American - the role of the Church has been usurped, the entertainment sector taken over and all manner of filth and nonsense spewed out as "acceptable" -  gradually conditioning public views by the liberalisation of ideas and the humanising of unnatural and perverted acts.  The role of the family has been completely subverted and no longer are there defined roles for man and woman; [the promotion of feminism and woman's liberation was hoisted upon the world by the International Traveller because there was a whole section of society not paying taxes and so not supporting their growth of wealth].  It used to be that a man could work and provide for his family, have a house, car and holidays; time to spend with his family and enjoy life. Now, both parents need to work in order to have any sort of chance of owning a house, a car and having holidays - have you ever considered how you let this happen?

The International Traveller has destroyed the great nation of America from within, set person against person, sown dissention and destroyed the religious fabric of the country - something that was of prime importance to the Founding Fathers.  All the time, while doing this, they developed more and more rouses to extract the hard earned money from the people and to defraud the nation and to steal the nation's wealth.

America is also morally bankrupt - it's leaders conduct acts of terrorism against the world and against the citizens of America. People around the world can see this but unfortunately the average American citizen cannot begin to comprehend that anyone could be so evil - let alone their government to contemplate such actions; such is their disposition towards human values and justice; their patriotism.

Now Americans are holding worthless currency - hoping against hope that others will still believe in it. Well, the International Traveller has already seen the end; he has what he wanted and is already looking for another living host to infest.

The stage was set for his move in 1991 with the collapse of the former Soviet Union.

The International Traveller has been evicted from all countries of Europe, some more than once and his excursion into "the New World" was so as not to miss out on the new found wealth there.  A return to Russia would complete the 200 year hiatus and allow access that was prevented by the Tsar's and subsequently not realised by communism [although I believe that communism had a different goal; in the 1700's Rothschild said, "if you want to take money from the King, first you need give him an enemy". Pause for a moment and consider the morality of that statement and the psychopathic nature of it. Communism was the "enemy" for capitalism to expand against and it was set-up with the financing of the International Traveller]. 

Modern Russia is a power-house and stellar economy [Russia returns large surpluses while America continues to post record deficits]; she has vast oil and gas reserves as well as many oil and gas concessions in other countries. Russia turns off the gas and Europe freezes! Actually, the turning off of the gas would spell financial doom for Europe, already struggling to keep her books in order; without some 40% of gas available for industries, Europe would crash.  Russia has huge mineral reserves and untapped mineral potential - including one of the few sources of diamonds outside the controlled South African mines.

As a leading player in BRIC's group, the Russian Rouble is poised to be a new reserve currency as it will be used by almost half the world's population as a currency of trade between corresponding nations. The strength of this and the demise of the FED will attract other nations to the Rouble.

Russia and others in the BRIC's group have been quietly divesting themselves of the FED dollar; Russian Armament industry is going from strength to strength lately and it shows no signs of slowing - rather increasing as more nations are seeking Russian technology and partnering arrangements.

This must be absolutely goading for the International Traveller - all this wealth, all this potential and they haven't yet got their hands on the controls.

But since 1991, they have been doing their best to infest Russia, with Gorbachev, it was an easy matter - he was easy to manipulate and had ideas of his own place in the glory annuals of Russia. They quickly pounced and they moved their controlled international companies into Russia with a view of starting their destruction of the internal fabric of the nation. 

The time honoured modus operandi of the International Traveller spring into action - simultaneously, on many fronts, the foot soldiers of this brigade move in under the banner of freedom, democracy and free enterprise - slogans of the International Traveller [they always use slogans to bamboozle the citizenry. Every civil war that they stated was fermented with slogans]. The oil to move this machinery is money and large sums of money poured into Russia to persons, companies and NGOs'; NGO's set up by the International Traveller to further his aim of civil unrest and disunity in the community. Out of the unrest and disunity, they are the only ones with unity and sense of purpose.

First, they go about filling people's heads with unrealistic expectations and concepts that are new to the people; concepts that are not really understood but the notion of which sounds noble.  This takes large sums of money to mould and channel public opinion and ideals. Control of themedia is essential in this process. But money is not problem to them; they own the wealth of the world.

Then they proceed to dismantle the fabric of the society - first, attacking religious values and the moral principles of the nation - the morality of money is substituted and people's "god" is changed.  

Then there is the complete take-over of the banking and financial system of the country - the power behind the government is established and politicians are bought men.  With total control, they instigate acts of terrorism and set family against family in an effort to destabilise the country in order to suck the last dollar from the county.

Don't believe me, just look at what happened in Brittan, in America - the guys won't change something if it works; they will continue repeating the process.

However, with Russia there was one snag - a guy called Putin.

There has been a war going on in Russia since the collapse of the CCCP, the war is over control. It is a dirty war, fought by devious and definitely not chivalrous behaviour - a war until the death. The war is over control of the Rouble.

Immediately post 1991, it appeared as though the plans of the International Traveller were coming to fruition and with minimum disruption.  The bump in the road was the mini civil war and the rise of Putin.  This leader recognised the dangers of the path Russia was headed and threw his weight into correcting the path that was leading to the demise of Russia.

You will easily recognise the attempts to discredit Putin, to vilify him and paint him as a despotic dictator - all who stand against the NWO are dictators - the very word having grown evil and sadistic connotations by way of our conditioning by the media and the slanted view of history. [Many still do not know that Churchill was an avid admirer of Mussolini - his admiration of the dictator, outlined in his letters to him, boarding on platonic love]. 

Look at all those whom the NWO has wished to remove - they have all been labelled dictators as though, with the utmost loathing we must wrench them from power and mercilessly dispatch them.  Dictators are an obstacle to them as unlike democracy - they are not bought.

They also attack using issues that have been ingrained into the Western psyche - democracy, freedom, civil liberty et al. And don't deny it, you have all read these sorts of attacks against Russia; against Putin especially. Pick up any mainstream Western media and you will see attacks on Russia's democracy - on civil liberties, especially Putin  [Pussy Riot].  It is all part and parcel of the systematic build-up against Putin in an attempt to have him removed.  There have been of course, the obligatory assassination attempts - if one doesn't work, maybe the other will! 

What we are blinded too is the fact that there are very evil powers at work - powers that are almost unimaginable by "normal" people - indeed, people of our generation find it harder to comprehend this than say people of a century or two ago, when they still had and active church and belief in things spiritual.  Nowadays, to talk of spiritual matters is to be considered that you're a sausage short of a barbeque; yet you can be accepted for believing in extra-terrestrial and visitations from super-races.  No talk of the lift not going to the top floor for those people.

This is all part of the "conditioning" that we are subject to. The NWO don't want to be recognised for what they are - an evil, psychopathic bunch lead by Satin.  No, surely you can't believe that? 

And the serpent said to the woman, "You surely shall not die!"  Genesis 3:4.

How many times do we need to believe that lie?

People, I make no apology for my Christian beliefs - it is because of them that I feel compelled to speak out, to prevent my brother from stumbling - I am my brother's keeper.  Putin is the only world leader who has come out publically and stated that he will protect Christians around the world! [What American leader has ever stated that?]. This stance, and even it alone, is what pits Putin against the NWO; he sees the dangers of the NWO, how they systematically attack religion around the world as a means of spreading their disease.

The struggle for the world is ages old and is much more involved than we mere mortals care to think.

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in heavenly places."  Ephesians 6:12

Jim Jones

New Zealand

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