Judge Imposimato, false flag terror and democratic unfreedom in the West

By Nicolas Bonnal 

The democracy doesn't want to be judged on its results but on its enemies.

Guy Debord


Belgian independent depute Laurent Louis has recently and courageously underlined a curious fact: his country is at war with Mali, yet the Belgian state does nothing against Islamists in its own army!

It is well-known now that Islamic terrorism was a tool used by our elites to establish the new world order and an authoritarian yet chaotic society. We have been submerged by Hollywood propaganda since the seventies to prepare us to such a reality: so our freedom depends now on our lack of freedoms, whence permanent controls, customs, airport tortures, technological tattoo and spying, daily humiliations and collective fake mourning. Of course in any good totalitarian system there is no enemy but a false enemy created by the system itself, made of the stuff of the dreams. This is the first Orwellian law, when O'Brien says the hero that "we have invented Goldstein". The reinforcement of technological control through the web and the so-called smart-phones or smart towns has just confirmed the predictions of Herbert Marcuse in the sixties, when there still was public and intellectual resistances to the new society of consume: "The prevailing forms of social control are technological in a new sense." At this time the resistance of a part of the intellectuals and the students was easily subverted by hit men, insiders and provocative agents, and turned as usual into a barbaric terrorism. This was too the prediction of Chesterton in The man who was Thursday: all the anarchists would be secret agents. And his hero Syme discovers that all the anarchists are insider agents! Of course this is mere fictional script, and dumb and dumber think that reality can never reflect a script.

But let us rewind the wheel of time. Italy in the seventies was a subverted society, full of secret agents and trained killers who tried to prevent the coming to power of the communist party. And suddenly a wave of terror put an end to this trend. We were in 1977-1978. At this time the threat was not Islamic but Marxist. Almost everybody in Western and southern Europe wanted to overthrow capitalism and its bourgeois elites; even EU commissar Barroso... so what could be done to prevent this trend?

If someone could still doubt of the intentions of these "hostile elites" in our societies, he should listen to the former Italian judge of cassation Imposimato, who has confirmed what everybody knew in the honest and well-informed circles : the fact that the infamous terror attacks occurred in Italy and elsewhere in the seventies and the eighties (including the murdering of Aldo Moro and the ignominious explosion of the Bologna railway station) were devised and realized by expert commandos, in order to re-establish a fading authority in the West. More than twenty years ago revelations about Gladio, P2 lodge and other sinister secret societies with their armed arms had been revealed too to the audience. It was then well-known that military groups linked to NATO, the famous stay-behind, had started a paranoid new order using terror attacks in order to unclench a foolish anticommunist and anti-soviet bias: see the "cellules communist combatants" in Belgium. Aldo Moro was killed too because he wanted an alliance with communist party of Italy. There were scandals, but there were forgotten. In the modern world, says too famous Marxist theorist Debord, there are no more scandals. In the modern world the audience wants to eat and to sleep, and a truth can be forgotten in a few days or a few weeks. The enlightened minority just knows sadly like Michel Colhage that the borderline between ridiculed conspiracy theories and demonstrable false flag operations has become exceedingly thin.

Signor Imposimato, a respectable president of tribunal, has blamed no less than the infamous Bilderbergs and the ubiquitous CIA for these attacks. So did Debord twenty-five years ago, and a British director of the film Gladio who "committed suicide" later (like Debord). The fact that this year after so many scandalous wars the public opinion did nothing, had no reaction and no protest in that matter, confirms that in the western democracies we live in totalitarian societies. This was what thought already famous theorist Herbert Marcuse who stated in these terms this terrible yet boring reality: A comfortable, smooth, reasonable, democratic unfreedom prevails in advanced industrial civilization, a token of technical progress.

The natural trend of the NATO-run western society after the WW2 was to be totalitarian. Writes again Marcuse in his excellent and once famous one-dimensional man: By virtue of the way it has organized its technological base, contemporary industrial society tends to be totalitarian. For "totalitarian" is not only a terroristic political coordination of society, but also a non-terroristic economic-technical coordination which operates through the manipulation of needs by vested interests. Of course there were more freedoms in the west than there are today. Just think of the organisation of the paranoiac space around you downtown or elsewhere in a so-called protected area or national park. Juts open your eyes and guess if that space lets you free. Just stay not eyes wide shut.

The revelations of the old judge are kept discreet in Italy and elsewhere, since the public opinion accepts any barbarity and any war In Syria or elsewhere, thanks the 9/11 attacks and Obama, a more tolerable and then efficient and pernicious tyrant than Bush Jr ! This absurd behaviour reflects the illness of the west and the idiotic madness of his elites. Nobody knows where our blindness and cowardice will lead us to. I let conclude the greatest genius of modern theatre.

The world of the concentration camps... was not an exceptionally monstrous society. What we saw there was the image, and in a sense the quintessence, of the infernal society into which we are plunged every day.

Eugene Ionesco

Nicolas Bonnal 

Author`s name Nicolas Bonnal