Sex maniac who brutally killed 30 girls turned out to be a former police officer

The youngest of his victims was nine, whereas the oldest was 20 years of age

A serial killer, who brutally murdered 30 girls, was arrested in Ukraine, the Zaporozhsky region, on August 5, Deputy Internal Affairs Minister, Gennady Moskal, told reporters at a press-conference.

According to the Ukrainian police, the suspect, whose name has not been exposed for the sake of investigation secrecy, was married three times and has children. He is generally described as an aggressive individual, prone to violence and alcohol. Over 600 police officers were involved in the operation to detect and arrest the child killer in the above-mentioned Ukrainian region. One of the rapist's victims, who was lucky to survive the maniac's attack, helped the police to make the E-fit picture of the criminal, Vesti.Ru writes.

The police found victims' personal things and clothes in the apartment of the maniac after they had arrested the man. “The killer started testifying immediately. The youngest of his victims was nine, whereas the oldest was 20 years of age,” a police officer said.

Forensic experts have already determined that the man raped and brutally murdered all of his victims. “This man was telling us about his crimes in detail. He was describing everything meticulously. It gave me an impression that he was enjoying his own stories as if he was experiencing those violent feelings again. I think that he is proud of what he has done to those girls,” the officer added.

”This is a bigger Chikatilo than the one that was arrested in the USSR,” Deputy Internal Affairs Minister, Gennady Moskal said.

The Ukrainian police have collected enough evidence to prove that the arrested 52-year-old man was the notorious killer, who had performed a series of sex crimes in Ukraine's Dnepropetrovsk region since 1983.

It also became known that the suspect had the experience of working in police in the beginning of the 1980s. The criminal learned how to plan his crimes and conceal their traces.

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Author`s name Olga Savka