Airline administration rejects responsibility for the horror of 4-hour flight

A spokesman for the KMV Avia airline said that all news reports about the accident on board the Tu-204 jetliner were simply a hoax

According to the statement from Igor Zavyalov, a senior spokesman for the KMV Avia airline, only one passenger was injured in the accident with the Tu-204 airliner, which nearly crashed on April 2nd flying from Egypt to Russia. Officials of the airline believe that the girl suffered a slight trauma as she dashed out of her seat and fell down on the floor, when the plane started shaking heavily. Mr. Zavyalov added that all media reports about the incident with the jetliner were nothing but a hoax.

We would like to mention that Mr. Zavyalov also sent several emails to Pravda.Ru, written in a rather boorish manner. The commotion with flight 3062 flying from Sharm El Sheikh to Moscow was basically caused with the fact that the crew of the airliner did not consider it necessary to calm the passengers down, when the plane started falling for 10-15 seconds. Apparently, the above-mentioned airline has a disdainful attitude to passengers and journalists.

“Me and my 13-year-old child were hostages of that flight. I can say that Igor Zavyalov, who commented the situation with the Tu-204 jetliner, was not at all informed about the number of the passengers, who suffered in the accident. A lot of passengers had their seatbelts unfastened, the young girl, who Mr. Zavyalov referred to, was not the only one. The sign was not lit at that moment! We were flying above the clouds.” Elena Duk wrote.

”Igor Zavyalov particularly said that there was no visible damage on the plane. What about the hole in the ceiling of the saloon? Isn't that a visible damage? He should have listened to children screaming with horror!!! Me and my daughter did not suffer; our belts were fastened, luckily. Who is going to be responsible for four hours of horror that we had to go through???

”As far as the psychological aid is concerned, I personally asked one of air hostesses, who was injured herself, to calm my daughter down. She bent forward to her and said: “There is nothing wrong, it was just an air pocket, we have a very good pilot, everything will be ok.” The woman did not sound convincing, but she tried to do something at least. We received no other help. A man, who was sitting close to us, saw me praying and clinching an icon in my hands – he reached out a glass of brandy to me.”

”Mr. Zavyalov's lies are revolting,” another passenger, Peter Petinati, said. “My wife and I did not suffer – we had the belts fixed. The plane finished gaining altitude at the moment when it started falling. We did not see anyone rendering either medical or psychological help at the airport. I have been flying since early childhood, but I was not afraid in spite of numerous scary stories that I have heard. Now I have really big doubts if I am ever flying again – I am talking about the need of psychological help. The absence of any information during four hours of the flight was the most frightful aspect of the whole story.”

Pravda.Ru is awaiting information from the committee to investigate the reasons of the accident, which occurred on board the Tu-204 liner. The committee includes a person from the Tupolev Design Bureau, which designed the model of the liner.

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Author`s name Olga Savka