200 passengers of Tu-204 jetliner experience 4 hours of horror

The plane was falling down for about 500 meters, when its engines stopped working

Over 200 passengers of flight 3062 that was flying from Egypt's Sharm El Sheikh resort city to the Sheremetyevo-1 Airport in Moscow on April 2nd were bidding farewell to their lives for four hours.

Engines of the Tu-204 jetliner of the KavMinVody Avia airline (KMV Avia) stopped working about 15 minutes after the plane took off. The plane started falling down: the liner was falling for about 500 meters.

Passengers were dashing out of their seats: the “Fasten Your Seatbelts” sign was off during the moment of the breakdown. A man punched a hole with his head in the plastic facing of the second saloon. Bolts and nuts started falling down on holiday-makers' heads; several passengers had bone fractures in the heavy shaking of the plane.

Panic gripped the passengers. Here is the story from one of the female passengers, named only as Elena: “I cannot compare that horror with anything else that has ever happened to me!!! Me and my child were sitting in row 23, the indicator board was not lit, and many passengers unfastened their seatbelts. They suffered from serious traumas as a result. When the jetliner suddenly reduced height, it all started shaking and gnashing. It seemed that we were in the middle of the hail, the noise was very loud and the people started screaming and saying goodbye to each other. Some people were yelling “Mama!” “Forgive me for everything!” “Goodbye!” It became very cold in the plane. Soon after that we heard an announcement: “Everybody stay on your seats and fasten your seatbelts!” I could see an air hostess standing in the back of the plane: her face was spotted with blood; she was simply standing and crossing herself. How could we continue flying like that for four more hours? I was holding an icon in my hands and reading “Our Father” throughout the whole flight,” Elena concluded her story.

The crew did not say anything to calm the passengers down. In addition, they did not even have any sedative medications on board the plane. “We were treated like cattle on the way to a slaughter-farm,” another passenger said. The passengers of 3062 flight were saying goodbye to their lives for four hours.

When the plane landed in Moscow, the majority of the passengers were weeping. The administration of the Sheremetyevo International Airport declined any psychological aid to the passengers to relieve them of the stress. 

Pravda.Ru is launching its own investigation of the incident. We are currently working on a report from the plane in distress. We are also waiting for official comments from the airline KVM Avia, the administration of the Sheremetyevo Airport and flight security services.

A Pravda.Ru correspondent contacted the chief of the PR department of the International Airport Sheremetyevo, Angelina Matrosova. The airport official started shouting in the phone that she was not going to comment the situation with the Tu-204 jetliner. However, Mrs. Matrosova demonstrated her awareness of the incident. Our correspondent wondered why the administration of the Sheremetyevo airport could not provide psychological aid to the passengers, who had to experience four hours of horror on board the falling plane. Angelina Matrosova stated that the help had been provided accordingly.

The chairwoman of Sheremetyevo's PR department hung up the phone after the above-mentioned statement of hers. Pravda.Ru has the following question to ask to the administration of the Sheremetyevo Airport: “How many people received the psychological aid?” We hope that Angelina Matrosova is able to confirm her own affirmation, which would relieve us of any other questions to her, particularly about her professional competence in communication.

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Author`s name Olga Savka